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July 23rd - Fae, Rose, Staff, Ginny, Croaker

Get your news on-the-go with the Wizarding Wireless Network, the trusted news source that's always there. Here's a quick rundown of what's been keeping the wizarding society in the Lightning RPG buzzing lately as well as some out-of-game, in-character commentary.

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Strangers when we meet

Good day, ladies and gentlemen. Ezekiel Brunderbluss here with another commentary. For those of you fortunate unfortunate enough to have missed the intended crowning ceremony for the Litha Queen this year, something strange and wonderful I still think it's just strange damn it has happened in our midst. We are being visited by a folk called the Fae. While I haven't actually gotten any closer to them than I did the night of the Summer Solstice, I have interviewed a few people who have .

The reviews, as they say, are in - but mixed. Some find them charming, some would run in terror. Others have little or no opinion on them either way and remain very closed mouth on the subject. I find this normal.

After all, we are all individuals, are we not? Presenting different faces to the different people in our lives. Those we wish to remain close to are given a deeper look inside and those who might prefer to keep a little distance from us in our day to day dealings are merely given the surface. Getting to know these visitors will be interesting at least. Feel free to owl the station with any insights you might have.

This has been Ezekiel Brunderbluss. None of the views expressed are station policy, merely my own humble opinion.

No 'Shy Retiring Rose' Here

Hello my lovely listeners! Rita Skeeter here with the social news you need to know. Today I bring to you a tale of a woman and - not a man - but three! What a greedy little girl - shall we pluck her from the garden?

Ladies and gentlemen thus inclined lock up your men! With Viktor Krum, the flying instructor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry and former Quidditch have to love watching them fly - the muscles! star sneaking off returning to Bulgaria for the summer, his one time constant companion, Miss Rose Zeller, has blossomed.

Rose I hope her garden becomes infested. At the rate she's going - it will. had seldom been seen without Mr Krum owl me, Viky at her side up from soon after his arrival until she left town under mysterious circumstances. Visit to her parents my arse. Who wants to run off to Mummy and Daddy with that hanging around? One can only imagine what debauchery she was up to as Mr Krum took advantage of her absence to slip out of town.

Upon her return our frisky bit of flora has been seen in the company of Charlie Weasley, whom recently returned to Hogsmeade to help run the family business. Rumor has it the pair met through her 'studies' with Rubeus Hagrid. Because the 'learning' story there is so plausible. I say bull, she was probably at that bar looking for a pick up.

Mental note: Three Broomsticks next weekend.

Also spotted sampling Miss Zeller's free flowing nectar was Gregory Goyle, son of a Death Eater whom expired in Azkaban. Mr Goyle and my, hasn't he grown up nicely? returned to the area recently as well after not having been heard from for several years. She's just a one woman welcome wagon isn't she?

Will this weed delicate Rose continue to blossom - or like so many others will she wither and die fade away? And what of a return to the area by Mr Krum when he retakes his post? I can only foresee heartbreak for three innocent men at the hands of this she devil bitch who's hogging them! busy little bee.

Vacation cut short for some of Hogwarts' staff

I'm outside the gates of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. The castle behind me should be standing still and silent now, waiting for September first and another influx of students.

However, this year the grounds of Hogwarts are alive with color and sound, and Headmistress Minerva McGonagall has taken the virtually unprecedented step of recalling staff for the summer - the sudden appearance of delegates from the Summer Court of the Fae may be the cause.

Sources have confirmed that not every member of the teaching staff has returned, and that some had not yet left for their summer residences at the time of the recall.

Caretaker Argus Filch had this to say:
"... -dy garden parties, that's the last thing we need around here right now. Those faerie squatters and their tents should have been run out weeks ago, if you ask me. Not only do I have to put up with that lot of poncy invaders, I've got to deal with Horace Slughorn flittin' about like he owns the place, bringing in visitors. Caught Professor Binns trying to teach an empty classroom more than once, Professor Pucey wandering in whenever he feels like it. Hagrid is off visiting whatshername from that posh Frenchy school, leaving me to care for the grounds. Those faeries don't clean up after themselves, let me tell you. It's like I was sayin' to Irma just yesterday, Irma Pince mind, I said..."

When asked why only a portion of her staff was still in residence, McGonagall answered:
"The Board of Governors, and on this point I do agree, don't feel that the full faculty is necessary. Professors Sinistra and Lupin are both staying nearby, should the need arise. The others - Professor Granger, Madam Pomfrey, Flight Instructor Krum among the rest - are spending time with their families, and there is no need to ask them to return early."

From Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, this has been Anastasia Witherpool.

Gallery opening closing the door on a love affair?

Lachlan Peasegood here, standing outside what will be Hogsmeade's newest addition, The Goddess Gallery, owned by none other than the capricious daughter of Arthur Weasley, Ministry employee and proprietor of the Three Broomsticks Pub. Never one to settle into one place for long, Ginevra Weasley - or Ginny as she prefers to be called - has left the too restrictive confines of The Phoenix to branch out on her own.

Ginny Weasley:
"It's actually both a gallery and an art studio. Hogsmeade, while I love it here, was in need of some culture and what better way to provide that then having a place people can come to be exposed to the arts, both local and throughout the wizarding community? And for any budding artists, I also offer classes in the studio space upstairs. I plan on covering everything from beginning instruction in drawing to advanced classes in both muggle and wizarding mediums."

This move is just the latest in a string of sudden upheavals. Less than a year ago Ginny was putting the finishing touches on Lumos, a racy clothing shop. As opening day drew near - Ginny obviously couldn't handle the pressure - she disappeared without a word to loved ones, only to reappear weeks later with bawdy tales of her time in France. By then Lumos had been sold to her former partner and friend, Gabrielle Delacour, and Ginny had found yet another interest to keep her busy - painting. Her close friend and former lover? Harry Potter allowed Ginny to offer art classes through his defensive arts school, The Phoenix.

But this new venture wasn't enough excitement for the fickle red head, her craving for excitement and danger led her to the arms of Severus Snape, also an instructor at Potter's school.

When questioned about the sudden withdrawing for her classes - rumors indicate her classroom was cleared out almost overnight with very little notice to prospective students - at The Phoenix, Ginny had this to say:
"I merely started at The Phoenix, without the intention of staying there permanently. After all, it isn't a school for the arts. Mr. Potter and I were both aware of that from the beginning, so while my departure may have seemed sudden, really, it was always in the planning."

One has to wonder if her tumultuous relationship with the moody Snape - known murderer and supposed war hero - might have something to do with her quick departure. This off again, on again pair is has broken up once more, apparently for the last time if rumors are to be believed. And how much of an influence was Ginny's new relationship with Finvar, King of the Summer Court of the High Fae, on her split with Snape?

The matter still seems to be a touchy one for her, as evident by her reluctance to discuss it on the air.

"I worked in that building with Mr. Snape for a full semester. If he was the reason I left, I would have been gone a long time ago. As for my romantic status, that has nothing at all to do with my gallery, now does it? What is it with you reporters and all your rumor scrounging? A person, a woman for that matter, can't change locations, can't open a bloody business on her own without you lot digging into her personal life for dirt. If that's all you're here for, this interview is over. If not, your next question had better have something to do with my gallery or you'll be looking for more than rumours, Mr. Peasegood."

Disappearance of former colleague baffles officials

The search for a missing former Unspeakable continued today, with the authorities reporting no progress in the investigation.

Buford Croaker, a well-respected former official for the Department of Mysteries, first was reported missing nearly two weeks ago.

John McMathis, Auror, at today's press conference:

"In the course of his long and distinguished career, Mr. Croaker was instrumental in helping to apprehend many a dangerous criminal. As well, his investigations into certain Mysteries continued on a freelance basis. Suffice to say, there are a number of leads for us to follow and we will continue to do so."

Authorities initially became suspicious when Croaker, 60, failed to meet former colleagues for a lunch on July 3. A search of his flat revealed no sign of foul play, and McMathis stated there has been no activity in the missing man's bank accounts.

Paul Smythe, Unspeakable:

"Frankly, we're beginning to fear the worst. Croaker has no real family that could have called him away for an emergency, he didn't like to travel ... I don't like to think it, there are some bad folk out there, and they don't care for ol' Buford."

This has been Horace Knickerbocker, reporting from the Ministry of Magic. Now back to you in the studio.

Dear Auntie Bella:
I have just received the caffienated goodness that shall chase the head pains away and my brother is thumping around like mad — knowing full well I have a headache.

Do you normally consider it better etiquette to inform your victims of their fate ahead of time — so they may live in fear — or do you find more enjoyment of the shock and surprise forever fixed in their lifeless eyes?

Caffeine Deprived

Dear Deprivation:
Flexibility is key. Know your victim — is it an introspective sort, whose every comfort would be destroyed by knowing what was to happen? If so ... share. Happy-go-lucky types are better suited to learning about life's little foibles as a surprise.

Kisses, and don't forget to demand more tea or at least have a supply to hand before killing anyone.


Auntie Bella:
What's the best spell to get rid of dried blood stuck in fine jewelry?

Deep, Red Rubies

Dear Corundum:
Fine jewelry is such a varied term — most work by respected craftsmen can stand up to a basic Scourgify, if used with care. Pearls, of course, are more delicate and should be taken to a professional. However, do not be short-sighted. A small amount of blood can add to the patina of an antique piece of silver, and with the right charms can change a simple brooch into a talisman of some worth.

And if you wear costume jewelry, do try a self-inflicted Avada Kedavra. It's for the best.


Just because it's murder — there's no reason to be uncivilized.

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