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What Would LaRuocco Do?

8/27/09 02:34 pm - A state of Grace (note transcription service) and a fine whine isn't made out of grapes?

i'm trying to react or whatever to what it ACTUALLY happening currently instead of things that happened like 3 months to 3 days ago.. like the the gripes i halve, are they current. Currents or Grapes

4/15/08 12:28 pm - haunted by more than just my word?

why do I flirt with danger always in all ways
when it comes to my favorite subject yo thats You?

it's like cosmic CONtradiction to storm to with-in CENTimeters of that line where you'll neVer sTalk to me again as if to prove to myself that i would do ANY THiNG for you?

7/28/07 06:56 am

[03:01] facebook: Roxanne Carter (vignoche) has invited you to join Facebook:


You can use Facebook to see the profiles of the people around you, share photos, and connect with friends.
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[03:01] *** Auto-response sent to facebook: I am currently away from the computer.
[03:01] facebook: The Facebook bot sends IM invites from your friends when they invite you to join Facebook.
If you are not on Facebook, please join now.
You can add the Facebook bot to your Buddy List, or type "help" for more option

7/5/06 11:48 pm - Watching You Watching The Movies

The mix of the different facial expressions tells alot. The shock, the awe and the beauty people see. What a wonderful idea it was to make this video!!!

4/3/06 09:01 pm


4/3/06 08:50 pm


4/3/06 08:38 pm


4/3/06 08:36 pm - Zeddosaur


4/3/06 08:32 pm


4/3/06 08:22 pm

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