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This is an open post. Meaning get your friends to post, too. The posts are anonymous (don't log in) so do it as many times as you want. Just leave some comments.

Post an ANONYMOUS comment with the following:
1. One secret.
2. One compliment.
3. One non-compliment.
4. Lyrics to a song.
5. How long we've been friends.
6. One wish you have.

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Here's how this sucker works. Whip out your music program, click the random button, and pick out 10 songs. alter the name by turning it into a convoluted, wordy synonym.

For example: Silent Night = Nocturnal Time Completely Lacking Noise

Try to guess them and who wrote them! Don't mention cover bands...just the original or band/whatever that made the most famous, thank you.

1. That break you take in the middle of a performance.Intermission - Panic! at the disco
2. The music in a movieMotion Picture Soundtrack-Radiohead
3. While you're in slumberAs You Sleep- Something Corporate
4. Errors we were aware that we made.Mistakes We Knew We Were Making-Straylight Run
5. Most flourescentBrightest-Copeland
6. I desire to be at the place I live.
7. You choose the meaning and purpose of your life on prom night.Existentantialism on Prom Night-Straylight Run
8. Being a female and not belonging.Girl Anachronism-Dresden Dolls
9. A male who is used by inserting a coin.Coin Operated Boy-Dresden Dolls
10. Speaking about the place in which you sleep.

aaaand GO!

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okay so here's my big update.
Marching band is amazing and I love my colorguard girls. With the exception of the two new ones. I don't love you.
But I've been alright. School is fine, I love my friends and everything about school (almost).
I got a little "blast from the past" last week. Calvin has finally been able to talk to me. I haven't talked to him and like 3 months and it feels like nothing has changed. He's still the great amazing incredible person he always has been. And he still puts a smile on my face the second he starts typing. Needless to say, I haven't stopped loving him. And I doubt that I ever will. But that's alright, because I know if it's meant to be, it'll eventually happen. I know he still has strong feelings for me. But lets get real; he's in california and I'm in new york. I've never even met him in person yet. I used to be afraid to say much about him because internet relationships are pretty lame. Which is why we didn't have one. But I don't care anymore. I love him and I know that seems weird to people who don't know the situation but I truly believe he's my soulmate. Yeah, it's possible it's some crazy old guy but I highly doubt it, knowing that the way I met him in the first place was from someone from myspace i met last year, who was friends with this other guy I became friends with, who's best friend is Calvin. I doubt there's a chain of creepy stalkers. Especially when I read his essays in newspaper articles and talk to him on the phone. So if he WAS an old guy, I'd want to meet him anyway because he must be pretty damn crafty to come up with ALL of that. Calvin and I are so much alike it's scary. We became best friends the third time we spoke online. The first time I IMed him we had an instant connection and stayed up till 3am talking about EVERYTHING. We can talk about anything, too; I can be crazy and silly with him, and also serious and intelligent. I don't have intelligent conversations with anyone else like I do with him, and it's amazing. He's the best person I know and he's made me a better human being. I cry myself to sleep a lot of nights thinking about him. And how he has another girlfriend after our little thing ended. And how I know we still love eachother a lot. And how I was the person who broke his disbelief in love.

But in the meantime, I'm waiting for him. I'm gonna have crushes and hook up/date other people, but I know he's still there. And my feelings for him won't change; I don't want them to. I'd marry him right now if I could and I know it sounds crazy...I AM crazy. Oh well, I'm over it.

And I hope people don't think I'm weird by making this post. I just really needed to get some things off my chest.

And I think I'm getting a cold.
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