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1 hour fic YamaPi/Koyama + Shige

Title: Just follow your heartbeat
Pairing: YamaPi/Koyama + Shige
Rating: NC-17

Everyone who participated:

anamuan | crystallekil | iverin | jackoweskla | ky_rin | mousapelli nicocoer | pastdazed | pearljemz | snoozing_kitten

Shige pulled his knees to his chest and narrowed his eyes slightly, Koyama had his hands on the sharp jut of his hip bones just poking out over the top of his sweats and below the line of his pale yellow t-shirt. “You need to step back or I can’t spin.”

“Sorry.” YamaPi sighed, tossing his head to dislodge the hair that was clinging to his temples. “From the bridge again?”

“Okay.” Rolling onto his hip Shige hit the back button on the battered boom box, skipping the CD back to the bridge.

Someone (YamaPi) had decided that Shige couldn’t have a monopoly on Koyama duets, and after the smashing success of Ginza Rhapsody, after all the fangirls gobbled up that faux-gay stuff like it was green-tea flavoured pocky, they had been given another duet. Originally Tego had been YamaPi partner, but he couldn’t mange the choreography to the ever-so-slightly fruity dance instructor’s liking and so he’d been swapped with Koyama who could ’shake it like his ass was on fire’ and thus had been designated as the girl this time around to keep up with the theme.

The music started (something like a mix of anything Jin would sing and Mola) and YamaPi hummed along with the words under his breath, twisting and popping his shoulders forward, pulling his hands back in time with the snap of Koyama’s hips, the effect was that YamaPi had the taller man on a string and Shige thought with only a slight bitter edge that he would never be able to manage that. YamaPi pulled further back in time with the beat and Koyama slithered against his chest, a strong arm wrapped around his waist for the middle of the song, the part with the subtle club beat and heavy breathing, then YamaPi stepped back as Koyama spun away.

They had been at it for hours, practicing the careful movements needed for their duet, Koyama twisting and twining around YamaPi as the younger man danced, like a snake and a snake charmer. Standing on knees that cracked and protested the movement Shige didn’t bother announcing that he needed to pee, the other two in the room were way too wrapped up in their cocoon of sweat and heat and the gyrating beat of the music.

Compared to the heat and the smell of the mirror-lined dance practice room the hallway was cold and stark. Shige yawned and pushed the door to the men’s bathroom open.

“He’s gone.” YamaPi purred, when Koyama was wrapped in his arms again, his nose pressed to the damp hair at his neck breathing in the mixed smell of sweat and shampoo. “Must have finally got tired.”

“I should probably go with him.” And when Koyama ground his ass back against YamaPi’s half hard length it was practically the choreography anyways. “He was waiting for me.”

“So am I.” YamaPi scraped his teeth across the tanned skin of the tall man’s neck, squeezing tighter around his narrow waist. “And I want to fuck you.”

“Yamashita.” The air rushed from him in a long whoosh, goose flesh erupting down his arms.

“I know you’re doing it on purpose.” YamaPi almost snarled, following the line of Koyama’s neck up to his ear and nipping harder then necessary on the little bit of flesh, and toying with the earring there with the tip of his tongue. That was all the warning Koyama got, arms tightening around his waist and then YamaPi was lifting him and he squealed pulling his legs up so that the other man didn’t trip on them. “Making that face, and brushing up against me too close.”

He let Koyama down in front of the mirror, face to face with his own flushed reflection, YamaPi’s head floating just over his shoulder a matching pink blush on his cheeks, lips pink and shining.

“Alright.” Koyama braced his hands against the mirror, the surface smooth and cool against his hands and his overheated forehead. “You can do it.”

“Really?” YamaPi looked about as shocked as he ever got, hands smoothing down Koyama’s tummy to cup his erection through his grey sweats. “I see.”

Moaning softly Koyama thrust against the touch chewing on his bottom lip.

“Stay right there.” YamaPi patted his rump lightly and pulled away, and for a dizzying moment Koyama wondered if his legs would be able to hold him up on his own. The CD had long ended and the only sound in the room was YamaPi rummaging in their bags, and his own heartbeat too loud in his ears pulsing in his temples.

YamaPi’s chest against his back, hips snug against the curve of Koyama’s ass and lips on the back of his neck, pushing his hair out of the way.

“You sure?” YamaPi spoke against his skin, and Koyama felt the words all the way from where they rumbled in YamaPi’s chest.

“Yeah, fuck me.”

YamaPi whined, hooking his fingers into the band of his sweat pants and pulling them down over the curve of Koyama’s ass. The band caught on the head of his cock in the front and Koyama moaned, reaching down to help him push them down his hips. In the mirror he could just make out the shape of YamaPi’s larger shoulders behind him, pale fingers gripping his hips, and his own cock hard and bobbing against his t-shirt.

Shige grumbled stifling a yawn as he pressed his palm against the door ready to fling it open when a most curious sound stopped him. Opening it a little more he peeked his head inside to find it empty, frowning Shige looked to the side when he heard Koyama cry out. His breath caught somewhere in his throat and for a second he thought that he was going to choke on his own saliva.

Koyama had both his hands braced against the mirror, bent neatly in half, the bowed curve of his back enticing his sweats caught just above his knees. YamaPi held a bottle of Koyama’s hand lotion, a flush spilling down his face, watching in what looked like rapt fascination where his fingers were stretching Koyama, he was obviously hard under his own sweats.

Of course Shige knew the right thing to do was to go wait somewhere else until they were done, and pretend he hadn’t seen anything until he was home in the shower fisting himself to the image of his best friend moaning as he fucked himself on their leader’s fingers. Hell with the right thing, this was better then porn. Bracing one forearm against the doorframe he nudged the door open just a little more with his foot so he could watch the whole scene more comfortably.

He was torn between watching Koyama’s face in the mirror and watching where his fingers disappeared into the tall man. Pressing in as deep as his fingers would go ripped a raw sounding cry, and he shuddered around YamaPi’s fingers, skin squeaking against the glass of the mirror as he tried to twist away from his fingers and towards them at the same time. Pulling out, slow so slow because Koyama was whining, he grinned wolfishly at their joined reflections.

“Yamashita.” Koyama hissed, pushing back against his hips as much as his position would allow. “Please.”

“Hold on.” He pulled his pink sweats down, lifting his shirt until it caught under his armpits, his dick leaving sticky trails against his abs. He squirted some more of the coconut hand on to his palm and wasted no time in preparing himself, rubbing the excess on Koyama’s stomach as he trailed his one hand up and under his shirt feeling the dips and curves of his rib cage, so he was bent over Koyama’s back. They both groaned at the feeling of the blunt head pressing against Koyama, a bit more pressure and the older man yielded around him and he sunk inside.

“Ahh.” Koyama yelped, his head hanging down between his shoulder, unable to hold it up anymore, and YamaPi was pressing deeper still. There wasn’t enough space to breath, quick breaths making him feel light headed, mixed with the feeling of being stretched around YamaPi’s cock he wasn’t going to survive it. The sensation of YamaPi’s sweats against the back of his thighs and they were so close he could feel the other man’s heartbeat along side his own. Eyes pressed shut he fell against his elbows, resting his head against his forearm.

“Ready?” Strained, words muffled by the material of Koyama’s shirt YamaPi had between his teeth.


Shige had to bite down on his fingers, muffling any sound he wanted to make, and stifling the urge to touch himself through his jeans. This was a different type of dance, but they still moved to the same beat like they could both still hear it. YamaPi pulled back, switching his grip so his fingers were splayed across Koyama’s back, and snapped his hips pushing him back inside and Koyama’s voice broke over YamaPi’s name when he cried out.

He sort of wished they had both bothered to undress.

Moving together, Koyama making enough noise to cover for YamaPi, who bit his lip to keep quiet. Twisting his hips back against the other man and reaching down to touch himself in time to the rhythm.

It didn’t last too long after that, Koyama sobbing as he came all over his hand and his shirt; YamaPi gasping groaning loudly as he pushed past the added resistance snapping in an erratic tempo. YamaPi came with a low groan pressing Koyama up tight against the mirror and grinding his hips in tight circles.

Shige fled back to the bathroom.

Play list
W/ Me - Jun
I need somebody - Arashi
Love juice - Jin
Love me more - Kinki kids
Lose control - Kinki kids
Make U wet - Koki
Lovesick - Kinki Kids
Mola - YamaPi
Nexplosion - V6
Tags: koyama is fucking hot

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