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28 August 2007 @ 10:06 am
Yamassu 1/1  
Title: Driving Me Wild
Pairing: YamaPi x Massu (Yamassu x Pi’s blue convertible)
Rating: NC-17
Summary: YamaPi makes a decision and they go on a date. Alternate title was ‘Car Porn’
Notes: Last Yamassu, then I’m done- promise.

Heat pressed against his skin like a hot breath, only the barest hint of breeze from the open car windows. Summer wore heavy on the city, making everything seem like slow motion, everyone moving as though underwater –a nice proper analogy given the current humidex. The motor was off- idling was bad for the environment- and the radio was spewing some mindless pop, turned down so low YamaPi almost couldn’t hear it just the pulsing beat like a hum from the speakers. The music of the night was louder, a siren from a few blocks over, and the soft almost inaudible squeaking of the bat that YamaPi caught flitting across the lamplight. The entire thing overlaid by the steady hum of the heat bugs.

The top was pulled down on his blue convertible, letting in the lights from the nearby lamppost light up the leather interior with a sort of pale sickly yellow glow. He let his head loll back, resting against the seat eyes narrowed against the pale fat moon in the sky. He looked at his watch, Massu was running late, and he had an important topic to discuss.

You could always count on Massu to be punctually late.

“Hey.” His voice cut through the hum, and the squeak of the bat, just louder then anything else, deep and rich with nighttime. YamaPi grinned lazy at him; amused by the way his banana-yellow sweater sparkled with its fake rhinestones, brighter then the moon.

“Hop in.” YamaPi indicated the empty seat beside him, probably worn to the shape of Massu’s butt after all this time.

“It’ll cost ya.” Massu winked at him with a playful grin and YamaPi rolled his eyes.

“How much?”

“A cheese burger.” Massu lifted his leg over the door and hopped instead of just opening it like a normal person. That even, was familiar.

“You’re such a cheap date.”

“I know.” Massu leaned over, and with a demanding fist in YamaPi’s short hair brought their moths together for a long and dirty kiss. “But you like it.” The words were a hot hiss of air against his wet lips and he smiled.

“Yeah, I guess I do.”

YamaPi pressed a quick peck to Massu’s lips before pushing him back into his seat and starting the engine. They were parked in the small alley, half a block from Massu’s house, their usual meeting place.

He was directed, with an insistent tugging on his sleeve- when ignored, progressed to poking his cheek- to the nearest all-night dive in their path. Massu’s lips attached to his ear made it hard to order, he kept hitting the younger man with his shoulder as he leaned partially out of the window to be closer to the speaker. It didn’t stop Massu from trying to climb right into his lap, all teeth, tongue and dirty words pressed into his neck.

The idea of food was probably making him horny.

The girl who worked the window where YamaPi paid leered at him from under thick eyelashes and YamaPi smiled gamely back. Her large silver hoop-earrings glittered in the hard lighting, and her shiny black hair was pulled back from her face in a tight smooth ponytail. When she turned away from the window to run the cash through the register the heel of Massu’s hand ground into his half erection and YamaPi bit down on his tongue. By the time she was handing him his change Massu was sitting innocently in his seat playing with the radio dial- probably looking for a NewS song.

“Thanks.” She didn’t seem to recognize him, just his convertible and designer shirt.

“No problem.” He slid the wallet back into the consol between the seats –not much protection against someone as determined and flexible as Massu. The radio spiked loud then muted- Massu giggled to himself. She pushed the paper bag over the sill and her fingers brushed YamaPi’s and he knew that there would be a name and number scrawled on the back of his receipt. Not that he would call, he was a one-man type of man, it’s just the phone number collection amused him a little too much. Besides, Massu never seemed to mind it.

They pulled into a darker corner of the parking lot, and YamaPi was wondering if there was enough darkness for a quick blowjob –but then, he’d already lost Massu’s attention to the food. So he took a long drink from his diet coke and let Massu steal a chicken nugget.

“Are you sure you didn’t want a toy?” It was a little joke between them, born from the feeling that he was a cradle-robber. Massu always seemed almost childlike in his glee over the little things, so when they slipped through a late-night drive through –a favourite date for them- he always joked about getting Massu a toy.

“What kind of toy?” Massu leered at him through thick black lashes and he couldn’t help the snort.

“God, you are a cheap date.”

“You just want to go see the drive through girl again for a quicky in the McDonalds’ bathroom.” Massu smacked his lips, grains of salt from his fries sticking to them. “Slut.”

Chuckling, YamaPi took another long draw from his straw, and the strange watery cola. He’d long ago learned to deal with the way that Massu could simultaneously shove his cheeks full of food, and still talk faster then any person should –it was a charming in a ‘stupid human tricks’ sort of way.

“You know what? I miss NewS when it’s just me and Tego, I mean I like him and all, but I like YamaPi more. Tego just doesn’t ah-…size up.” A pause to leer. “That and you feed me better, he goes on and on about low fat, and calorie counting.”

YamaPi nodded, because when Massu would begin to rant, it was best to just let him ride it out, even more so, if he got on the subject of food- Massu was very passionate about his food. He stole one of YamaPi’s fries –having finished his own some time ago- and continued on adding flamboyant hand motions to the mix.

“So, I really do like spending time with you more.”

What do you say to that? YamaPi just offered up the rest of his fries to the younger man, he needed to watch his weight anyways (it’s possible Tego was onto something there). He resumed playing with the radio dial once YamaPi pulled out of the parking lot. He turned away from his own apartment and Massu’s house, pointing his car towards the mountains and accelerated.

Like a good shotgun, Massu never asked where they were going, only continued to fiddle with the radio station until he came upon a song he liked. Then the car was filled with music that spilled out into the night, and YamaPi found that somewhere during the journey his hand had slipped from the stick shift to Massu’s thigh, warm under the denim –he left it there. He pushed the speed limit, only because he could and not because he was in any particular hurry, doubting that he could convince an officer that Massu was in labor if they were pulled over. Imagine the scandal: ‘Johnny’s Boys Caught Speeding on Late Night McD’s Raid!’ read all about it!

“All the way up here? Are you going to kill me?” He asked innocently and YamaPi snorted.

“If I were going to kill you I wouldn’t do it in the mountains, promise.” YamaPi gave a quick squeeze of his thigh. “I actually wanted to look at the stars.”

“And we couldn’t look at that from your apartment?”

“Are you kidding? You can’t see stars in the city.” YamaPi looked over at him, Massu was looking out the window at the cliff they were climbing- it was quite a drop down. It made his stomach settle lower in his body and his ears pop. When they reached a small parking lot at the summit, a rest stop so tourists could ogle the city and the bay from the top. At night, with the lights it looked stunning enough to dwarf the stars that he had wanted to look at- but that was alright.

“You just wanted to visit a make-out point.” Massu accused, tilting his head back so he could squint at the stars above them.

“No not really.”


He gave his thigh one more squeeze and released it, tilting his head back too to look out at the cosmos that swirled in lazy non-patterns above. They sat in silence for a while enjoying the break in the heat that being so high up offered. It was almost cold even. “You know there is a reason I brought you here.” YamaPi smiled at Massu’s affirmative sound, he managed to say without words ‘I told you so’. “You’re staying in Tokyo?”

“Yeah.” Massu made a face, his nose scrunching up like he smelled something bad, they both knew that Massu had a deep hatred for his apartment building. With the life he led, he was always too busy, or just not there to look for new housing arrangements- the crazy land lady was a high school friend of his mother’s too. Witch.

“I want you to move in with me.” YamaPi said it in a rush; the only tell that he was anything but calm about asking this. He’d thought about it for a long time, and the more he thought the more it made sense, and the more he wanted it to happen. His apartment was big enough for the both of them, and Massu could cut his commute time, they could save on gas and save the environment –carpool! Not to mention they could split the cost of rent and utilities.

YamaPi had never settled down and played house with anyone before, not counting the brief and disastrous stint when Jin had stayed over when his apartment was being fumed. He could be the Dad, and Massu the Mom, with the floral apron and the plastic frying pan –like when he was a kid. The entire time that he was thinking Massu was silent. More silent then YamaPi had ever heard him before (aha, he was just hysterical when he was nervous)- it was sort of creepy.

“Are you serious?” Massu’s voice had a sort of an awed tone to it and YamaPi couldn’t help the pleased smile if he wanted to.


“…Fuck.” Slightly breathless, and Massu didn’t swear much, but that sounded more happy then annoyed so YamaPi relaxed into his seat. “Yeah, yeah of course.” He could feel Massu smiling as he was hauled into a wet kiss straining the seatbelt he forgot to take off. “You better undo that now or this is going to get really messy.”

“I’m thinking you mean the bad kind of messy sex.” He spoke against Massu’s lips, feeling the other man’s tongue flick against the bottom one teasingly, before pulling away to nuzzle cheeks. Massu’s sigh whispered across his cheek and shivers erupted down his arms and back. Leaning back on his seat, he tried to untangle himself from the belt even as Massu tried to crawl into his lap. It wasn’t easy and he caught Massu’s knee in his stomach, his breath left him in a sudden woosh.

“The kind where I get tangled in the belt, and you don’t get any.” Massu agreed, wiggling until he could fit his legs in the tight space on either side of YamaPi’s hips. “God I love your car.”

YamaPi laughed, breathless, because Massu was working hard on grinding his hips down on YamaPi’s. He had to admit that Massu did have a point, if the roof were up Massu would have been a bit cramped. “You know what, I think I’ve got a whole new appreciation.” Massu was gripping the side of the door, the other hand tangled in the short hair on the back of his neck. YamaPi had one hand on Massu’s ass and the other on the steering wheel- his two favourite things.

“Move the chair back or this isn’t going to work.” His voice has hot and low in YamaPi’s ear, and it reminded him of the humid summer air. Massu was summer, hot and sultry, bright and sunny, and his favourite season of all. The seat slid back, hitting the back of the rollers with a jolt that made their teeth click together painfully. Nothing if the not the good solder, Massu just kissed him harder, ignoring the way lips bruise and YamaPi’s more then breathless by the time they come apart. “I love you.” Massu sighed against his lips, and the tingle it caused spread all the way down his neck counterpoint to the flush that was crawling up.

“I love you too.” He flicked the switch the seat reclined, pulling them away from the steering wheel. Massu hummed, biting down on his neck with sharp nips and a soft tongue. “Now that that’s out of the way.” Massu chuckled softly, they hadn’t bothered to exchange those words before, and YamaPi was half certain the world would just end if he did. He was glad it didn’t, he was looking forward to getting laid- the apocalypse could wait.

Massu looked like some sort of alien creature, illuminated by a mixture of the moon, the stars, and the glow of the dashboard, but he was smiling, lips shining with spit. That’s what YamaPi liked to see. Massu wiggled off him, sliding across the leather interior back into his own seat, the chill was only held at bay by his own rapidly rising body temperature. He already missed the almost oppressive heat the smaller man radiated, as if he were powered by some kind of internal fuel-combustion like his other baby, just giving off waves of body heat.

Massu swore softly as he hit his knee on the glove compartment, trying to wiggle out of his jeans and YamaPi snickered. Himself, he had lots of room to tug off his belt, tossing it in the back with the McDonalds wrappers, pop the fly of his jeans. “Ah, ow. Help?” Massu had his legs stuck in his pants, caught on his pink and black runners –his socks were a startling shade of red.

“You’re so unsexy.” He muttered, leaning across to his side and ignoring the stick shift stabbing him in the ribs. Catching one of Massu’s shoelaces he pulled the knot free and tugged it off, the sock came away with it, and it too was tossed in the back.

“You don’t really think that.” Massu kicked off his jeans, his foot slipping free of his other shoe, so he was wearing only his boxers, his sweater (over a thin pink shirt) and one fire-truck red sock. Snorting, YamaPi hummed to himself, leaning back into his own seat –of course he didn’t really mean it. Really. Massu shrugged out of his sweater and threw it in the back seat, wiggling as he tried to kick off his boxers. So cute. He pulled down the zipper and worked his jeans far enough down his thighs to be out of the way. He felt awkward enough in the tight space to bring back embarrassing memories of fumbling through his first sexual encounter, scared enough to wet himself, but hard enough to make taking a piss impossible.

Oh fond memories of his Junior years.

Then they were kissing again, deep and dirty, and suddenly YamaPi was less focused on how cute and ditzy Massu could be and more on how tight and hot he was on the inside. Cupping one plump cheek he tiled his head for a better angle, Massu’s hand warm along his collarbone, toying with his button-down shirt. They needed to pull apart so that Massu could reach the rest of his buttons and YamaPi leaned back, licking his abused lips and wishing they were back in his bed where there was more room. There was an awkward scrambling as Massu made the journey over the cup holders and the gearshift, without damaging anything too important. The skin of his thighs was so soft and warm and YamaPi slid his palms along it gratefully, Massu was just made of soft skin all over.

“Oh, yeah.” Massu fit his legs into the tight squeeze again, resting his ass on YamaPi’s thighs –choosing to ignore the bite of the zipper into his skin. He ran his hands up YamaPi’s chest, pushing the open folds of his shirt aside so he could mouth wetly at his sharp clavicle. YamaPi learned rather early in their relationship that Massu liked to bite, and even learned to enjoy the sharp sting.

“Baby.” YamaPi gasped lightly, as sharp teeth sunk into his skin, followed by a soothing lave from his tongue. Massu rode his hips, grinding down against him even as he did his best imitation of a vampire going to town on YamaPi’s neck. The muscle and babyish fat of Massu’s ass fit nicely in the curve of his palm; sort of like his own set of extra special stress-balls. He used the grip to force Massu to hold still as he thrust up against him, digging his feet into the carpeting to give himself better leverage. Pushing and pulling until he got Massu holding onto his shoulders, chest pressed against his face so he could suck at the pert nipple through the thin fabric, making it wet with spit so it stuck, cold, when he moved to the other one.

Massu’s fingers were tight on his shoulders, moaning loudly as he rubbed himself unashamed across YamaPi’s stomach. He was so hot, despite all the awkwardness in his compact frame, the way he completely let loose when they fucked was just so incredible. He wished there was enough room to tie him down, making him writhe and gasp as YamaPi tortured his nipples, his stomach, anything and everything he could get his lips on.

“Here, turn around.” YamaPi tugged him back so he was arched over the steering wheel, and he nosed along the arch of his ribcage, pressing his cheek into the material of his shirt and feeling the heat of Massu’s skin underneath, and the badum-badum of his frantically beating heart.

“I don’t think there is enough room.” Massu muttered, his lips pressing against YamaPi’s hair.

“Try, or this isn’t getting past a bump’n’grind.” He could feel Massu’s smile against his scalp and then they were shifting. YamaPi wiggled in his seat, trying to avoid knees and ankles –both of which could seriously hurt. It was a tight fit, but he soon had Massu sitting in his lap, chest pressed to the steering wheel, and his legs over either side of YamaPi’s. “Just like that- yes.”

“Glove compartment?” Massu twisted, desperately trying for a kiss, but unable to unhinge his entire spine enough to do so.

“Always come prepared.” He felt the giggle as Massu wiggled around, stretching out across so his fingers just brushed the release for the glove compartment.

“Damn.” He leaned out a little further, counting on YamaPi’s arms around his waist to keep him from flopping into the next seat over. He never was a boy scout, but he found the motto to be rather useful- besides Massu didn’t know that. “Got it.” YamaPi took the emergency supplies from him and gently bit the palm of Massu’s hand if only to hear the hitch in his breath.

“Lean against the steering wheel.” With one hand in the middle of Massu’s back he folded him forwards, hoping that Massu’s chest would be flat enough not to set off the horn. If Massu were anything larger then a gremlin this wouldn’t have worked, as it was he was able to slip one lubricated finger under him and inside. Massu’s hips hitched back, pressing himself harder on the steering wheel and trying to widen his legs.

“Oh god, deeper.” Massu moaned, letting his head hang forward, and YamaPi’s wrist hurt when he leaned forward to kiss his shoulder, but the faint taste of sweat on his lips was worth it. He slipped his hand free, shaking the pain out of his wrist so he could slick up two fingers, then it was back in again. He wriggled about, this way and that, trying to push his hips back, his head back, and his torso forward all at the same time.

Leaning forward again he tried to bite at the skin that slipped through his teeth; catching only the fabric of his shirt, Massu groaned loudly. He pushed back on the fingers stretching him; opening him inside out- he was so gracelessly sexy in his abandon. “Here, press forward and lift up.” After a moment of hesitation he complied, lifting himself on quivering legs and giving YamaPi a bit of room to slip on the condom. A little more lubrication, because of all the things Massu was, self lubricating wasn’t one of them- subtle being another but that’s a whole different issue for another less libido-charged moment.

With one arm curled securely around Massu’s waist and the other holding himself steady so Massu could lower himself back onto his lap, and simultaneously impale himself on YamaPi’s erection. He hissed against the tight squeeze –heat; velvety smooth, and almost liquid- tightening his arm around Massu’s middle. It felt like pulling teeth; not slamming up into that feeling, but after what had to be hours of torture Massu was seated fully in his lap. They didn’t move for a moment, quivering in tandem, Massu’s breath a mess of small hitching breaths and tiny whimpers.

“I d-don’t think we’ve ever done it like this?” YamaPi heard the waver in his voice; Massu twitched in his arms.

“No, this is a first.” Massu wiggled, making YamaPi bit his lip to stop a curse from bursting forth. “Now get on with it.”

“Bossy.” He muttered, shifting his hips experimentally, the jeans chafed along his legs, but the way Massu’s insides pulled at his cock caused pleasure to shoot along his body. Massu moaned, his entire body twitching; YamaPi tightened his hold on him further- if they went like this he was going to embarrass himself. “Here, hold this.” Lacing his fingers with Massu’s he brought them up to the steering wheel so he could hold it for balance.

They moved slowly, trying to figure out how they could possibly fit together in any sort of pattern. It worked, enough that YamaPi had to tip his head back; making soft groaning noises- because oh fuck that’s hot. The muscles in Massu’s back shifted and rippled like liquid as he used his grip on the steering wheel to ride YamaPi harder and faster, moaning like a whore the whole time. He was helpless to keep himself still, hips snapping up to meet Massu faster and faster, his shirt was sticking to his lower back and the leather of the seat was sticking his skin, sweating from the strain of moving with Massu sitting astride him.

God, he totally did love the kid.

“Mmm, fuck.” YamaPi hissed, gritting his teeth and using his grip on Massu’s sharp hipbones to pull Massu down in one sharp movement. He pressed up, and it was so deep, and suddenly so overwhelming and he came with an embarrassingly high-pitched keening moan.

It almost hurt when Massu wiggled in his lap, pulling on now sensitive skin, and he hissed; his hands tightening to hold him still. Massu moaned, his whole frame jolting, as he fisted himself to completion –complete with him moaning YamaPi’s name obscenely as the knuckles on his let hand turned white with the strength of his grip. He collapsed against YamaPi’s chest, falling completely limp with satisfaction. So he shifted his hold to more of a gentle hug, tossing his head to try and dislodge Massu’s hair from his mouth.

“You know,” YamaPi sighed against Massu’s shoulder. “I have a blanket in the trunk- it might have been easier.” Massu shrugged, making YamaPi’s head move with the motion.

“I like your car.”

“I’m not going to be able to drive it anywhere without getting a boner.” YamaPi sighed again, eventually he would have the energy to push Massu off him, fix his pants and drive them back to his apartment. That seemed like far too much work, besides, it wasn’t so cold, not with his human blanket and all.

“Score.” Massu giggled softly. “So when can I move in?”

“Whenever is fine.” They lapsed into silence again, and YamaPi found himself imagining what Massu would look like, trying to wiggle into the backseat looking for his pants, his left leg sticking out for balance, still wearing his bright-red sock.

“What’s so funny?” Massu twisted, having come detached from YamaPi sometime in the aftermath –he was glad too, that would have hurt. He shook his head and Massu frowned. “Really. Tell me.”

“I love you.” Massu stopped, cocked his head to the side, finally he grinned back, ridiculous chipmunk cheeks and all.

“Yeah, I love you too. Jerk.”
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not afraid of caterpillars: DIRTY THOUGHTSkohimiruku on August 28th, 2007 02:22 pm (UTC)
oh god. this is amazing.
first time reading the couple but i have totally fallen in love with it <3
the characterization was GREAT, and well, of course the sex was nice too XD i liked how you threw in massu's fashion sense (or lack thereof?) and yamapi's love/obsession for his car. all in all it was awesome :D
Cherry-chan: Jinsnoozing_kitten on August 28th, 2007 05:55 pm (UTC)
Well, it's not the first one I wrote with this couple, but I defiently havn't seen many others around~ LOL! I think they have potential... if nothing more, at least they would look hot together.

Thank you, I enjoy writing Massu's character a GREAT deal, and I sort of not that I'll admit it like Pi POV too.

Thanks =D
sumomo_yukisumomo_yuki on August 28th, 2007 02:47 pm (UTC)
Oh fond memories of his Junior years.

U placed the j in capital letters for some reason??? lol in any case... smut in convertible!!! WIN!! lol <33
Cherry-chan: Calvinsnoozing_kitten on August 28th, 2007 05:57 pm (UTC)
Erm, just... because? I felt like it, call it creative freedom XD

I like cars =D Fast cars, I've always had a bit of a facination with Pi's car too~!

Thank you
shiny_satsumashiny_satsuma on August 28th, 2007 04:29 pm (UTC)
WOW.... OMG WOW SO HOT.. and i REALLY liked it... i never thouoght.. YamapiXMassu...
Cherry-chan: JinYusnoozing_kitten on August 28th, 2007 05:58 pm (UTC)
I like Yamassu, tho, I promise this is the last one I write (for awhile anyways), too much Pi makes my brain hurt.

Kaji | カジshatteredtenshi on August 28th, 2007 05:50 pm (UTC)
Ooh you finished it~

That was good~ <333

Even though I still like KoyaPi better. //gets bricked//
Cherry-chan: Ryosnoozing_kitten on August 28th, 2007 05:59 pm (UTC)
I did I did, time to move onto bigger, better, more cracktastic things =D

Oh you! I'll be the one to brick you!! OFF the record, a close friend of mine demands KoyaRyoPi~ Is that better?!
(no subject) - shatteredtenshi on August 28th, 2007 06:21 pm (UTC) (Expand)
(no subject) - snoozing_kitten on August 29th, 2007 02:13 am (UTC) (Expand)
Kiararenruki on August 28th, 2007 05:55 pm (UTC)

There is much, much too less Yamapi x Massu out there (or even better, the other way round *ggg*)

Thank you so much for writing this. I loved the smut.
Best was probably the comment about Massu not being self-lubricating *ggg*
Cherry-chan: Jinsnoozing_kitten on August 28th, 2007 06:01 pm (UTC)

Ohhh, that would be sort of hot, with fuzzy not-so-little Massu calling the shots XD There should be more D=

You're welcome, thanks for leaving a comment~!
XD In my defence: Well he isn't!
your favourite mango smoothie.: pipiyaoi_brause on August 28th, 2007 08:34 pm (UTC)
D: God, you. ♥ This was such an incredible awesome fic again.
And I just love your writing style and asdf;hgjsdf. Hot. And me calling a fic involving Massu hot, I never knew this day would come :D Okay, no wait.. I already called your last Yamassu fic hot, didn't I? XD

Massu was summer, hot and sultry, bright and sunny, and his favourite season of all.
I really really liked that line. ♥

Thank goodness you didn't stop being awesome~ :P
Cherry-chan: Jinsnoozing_kitten on August 29th, 2007 02:16 am (UTC)
Me? I'm not god but close, close XDDD **flail**

Yaaaay, I'm glad you liked it- I rather enjoy being told that people like what I do~!

You did! Haaaa~ But Massu is like cute as a cupcake... with lots of protien in it, and probably fiber too. Worth 142573929543 calories!

If I stopped being awesome, I just may cry. You're DOUBLE AWESOME for leaving some of my favourite comments!!! Really really.
Rei: 虹のマッスrenge_kun on August 29th, 2007 01:34 am (UTC)
FANTASTIC!!!! I read your other Yamassu and loved it as well. I love the way you write Massu. He makes me smile. ^___^ And then the pron, of course, is totally hot. You write it very well, I must say. <3 Looking forward to another one!
Cherry-chan: JinYusnoozing_kitten on August 29th, 2007 02:20 am (UTC)
SUPER! I'm really glad you liked it =D

Massu makes me smile too!... and strange squeaking noises when he smiles, because I want to grab those cheeks and pinch! (heh.)

Thank you!
Retarded Alarm Clockm_mqueen on August 29th, 2007 03:25 am (UTC)
woot!!! the fiber and protein cupcake is the best!!!!
these two are the cutest together...maybe....

you must write the KeiRyoPi.....
that will be cracktastic!!!!

this story was good...
It's all about car sex-ing just ask the winchester boys in the hot impala

the MCd part made me happy inside!!!!!

midnight MCD's run...sounds like something massu or pi would do....

Cherry-chan: Ryosnoozing_kitten on August 29th, 2007 11:17 am (UTC)
Lol, they are sort of cute you know.

The convertable has nothing on the impala, when it's written Keiryopi, I think of keiryoeyu?!

(no subject) - m_mqueen on August 29th, 2007 01:46 pm (UTC) (Expand)
anamuananamuan on August 29th, 2007 04:14 am (UTC)
thank you god, you conjugated 'grind' correctly! I think I love you.

Massu was summer, hot and sultry, bright and sunny, and his favourite season of all.
and this is the best analogy ever.

in short, SO MUCH WIN FOR YOU!!!!
Cherry-chan: Jinsnoozing_kitten on August 29th, 2007 11:18 am (UTC)
Ouch. I try to keep my verbs proper. I'll love you back if you like? =D Promise.


YAY! Thank you~~!!!
vreemd23: Pi's Engrish.vreemd23 on August 29th, 2007 09:05 am (UTC)
Wow. This is the first time i read a pi/massu fic... and wow... *________*
that was HOTT and AMAZING. xDD
Cherry-chansnoozing_kitten on August 29th, 2007 11:20 am (UTC)
LOL YAY! Now you can say you read one! **nod** this is my second yamassu actually~ Because I wasn't satisfied with only one.

Hehe!! Thaaaanks!!
(no subject) - vreemd23 on August 29th, 2007 02:18 pm (UTC) (Expand)
therese_chantherese_chan on September 1st, 2007 12:34 pm (UTC)
OMG! This was just great! I don't think that I've ever read anything with this pairing. It was fucking AMAZING! My god. Don't reallu know what to say. Just THANK YOU!
Cherry-chan: Jinsnoozing_kitten on September 3rd, 2007 01:57 am (UTC)
=DD YAY! As long as you enjoyed it~!

The pairing has potential, them being two hot guys, who like sex. THERE POTENTIAL!

You flatter me =D I approve, thanks for the comment!!
(Deleted comment)
Cherry-chan: Ahhhsnoozing_kitten on September 19th, 2007 01:56 pm (UTC)
I like to think that I'm pretty decent at this whole writing thing~ 8D

Oh, you even have a MassuPi icon, that's pretty awesome~!
You know, I've got one other MassuPi fic, if you'd like to read that LOL **pimp pimp**

Thanks for the comment!!
baked_pandablur_panda on October 15th, 2007 10:49 am (UTC)
Hey there! We totally don't know each other (and I kind of forgot how I even found my way here- one of the NewS community??) but just wanted to say that damn you make this unlikely pairing believeable, and SO SO HOT. *pets*
It was very well written -loved the details!- and ohhhh man, Masu's sex appeal just got upped by like about ten folds here. Baby cheeks' not quite slut-ish still kind of innocent attitude with Pi is just GUH. <3
Thanks for the super fun read, can't wait to see more YaMassu fics! You write the both of them so well. ^^ *gives cookie*

ps. hope you don't mind me friending?
Cherry-chan: Ahhhsnoozing_kitten on October 15th, 2007 09:23 pm (UTC)
Hi, if you're read the profile, chances are you know everything mildly interesting about my life. Oh wait, I can tie a cherry-stem in a knot with my tongue, now you know everything about me, and we officially know eahcother. 8D

Lol, considering I don't even belong to a NewS community, that's pretty awesome that you found me.

Thanks, it's fun making other people see what other pairing there are. I adore Massu to teenie, tiny peices. He's good enough to eat~ The first entry in the journal where this is posted is more or less a master fic list, you can look through that if you want, there's one other Yamassu there that I happen to like~

Nah I love friends!
bachiaribachiari on February 21st, 2008 06:11 am (UTC)
ommmmg this was such a cute massupi <3333
massu sounds like a whore :D for some reason xD

was linked her by cherrymania~

this story makes me really happy ^O^
Massupi = looove <3333

and and car smut is love too :D
Cherry-chan: Jun playsnoozing_kitten on February 21st, 2008 04:02 pm (UTC)
He's a whore in the way that he's 'enthusiastic about sex'

There are links out there to this? Neat-o, I feel special.

Thank you so much! Your comment makes me happy.
I have another massuPi if you're interested, it should be the post before this one...

Car!porn is one of my favourites.
brighterlovebrighterlove on March 1st, 2010 12:09 am (UTC)
ok, so this was my first Massu?Yamapi and it was cute and sweet and hot,

I loved the line "The idea of food was probably making him horny." in reference to Massu, cause it sounds kinda true(lol).

The sex was hot and I love you made unsexy car sex(let's face it) seem hot.