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Am I supposed to be happy to see you?

I'll be your best kept secret.

27 December 1988
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I'm a
Baby sign language using
Baby wearing
vaccine delaying
solids delaying
hello kitty loving
single Mom to a beautiful little girl named Tierney.
7th heaven, airheads, alcohol, bacardi 151, bands, beach at night, being hugged, being hyper, bellybutton rings, black and white photos, black lights, blue, body piercing, books, boys kissing, boyshorts, bright eyes, broken mirrors, butterflies, candles, cellular telephones, chocolate, conceited, corsets, criticism, critiquing, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, day dreaming, dogs, dr pepper, dreaming, dressing up, drums, emery, emo, emotions, evanescence, eyeliner, eyeliner on guys, eyes, faeries, faggots, fake eyebrows, fishnets, flirting, funny icons, geeks, girls, good friends, guys, hair dye, halloween, happy bunny, his arms around me, house, hugging, imperfection, individuality, jack johnson, jelly beans, kissing, kitties, kodak moments, laughing, laziness, leopard print, less than jake, lizards, m.i.a., mac, mac addict, mac pigments, mae, marijuana, marilyn manson, marine biology, monkeys, moons, mountains, movies, msi, mudd wrestling, music, new found glory, nirvana, novels, originality, parties, personality disorders, phosphorescent secrets, picture whores, piercings, pillow fights, pink hair, playing in the rain, poetry, pools, punk, ragdolls, rain, rainbow bright, randomness, red necks, rock, roller coasters, screaming, sexy, shaggy hair, silverstein, ska, skin, skittles, sliverstein, smile empty soul, sneaking out, something corporate, spice girls, starburst, stars, strawberrys, sugarcult, summer, sunsets, swimming, switchfoot, system of a down, taking back sunday, taking pictures, talking, tattoos, teasing, the sky, the starting line, thursday, traffic in the sky, unicorns, vain, vainity, vanity, veterinary medice, views, wishes, yellowcard, yesterdays rising