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Mad Season

another alien on broadway

Current email addresses, messenger info, etc (flocked)

The WeatherPixie

The journal is friends-locked because I'm paranoid about real life people finding it.
I have a fairly liberal friending policy though. Usually you just need to drop me a line to be added.

I suppose I can say I'm in my mid-twenties now. (*groan* where did all that time go?)
Time to polish that user info.

Here be lots of fangirling, squeeing and geeking out.
With the occasional meta post.
And probably a fair amount of real life whining.

I adore slash. And everything around it. So if that's in any way a problem for you, don't even bother friending me.
And yes, I like Het, femslash, and my OT+s and everything else under the sun, too.

Some of my fandoms are in the user info, but not all of them.
I general I'd say I like sci-fi and geeky stuff. Probably anything with a lot of usable subtext, too.
"edgy" and "controversial" stuff. (I'd say both of those definitions depend on your POV)
Shows that manage to be funny without being dumb.
Listing all the shows&fandom I'm currently more or less involved in or was at some point would just take too much time and space.

I'm also rather fond of politics, but that's not my main focus here. (though I do rant about those *facepalm* moments)
And I <3 languages. Yeah. I'm a bit of geek/nerk.

I'm also pretty sure I'm certifiable, but that's a conversation for another day. ^_^

If you have made it this far, pop in and say hello ^_^.


Fandoms I am (still/currently) madly in love with. (Note: these aren't the only shows I('ve) watch(ed), but these are the ones I either (still) think about a lot, am more or less actively involved in/read fic, or just can't let go of. Some of my favorite shows of all times haven't made the list. This is about fandom.)
The list is also probably incomplete and subject to change. (October/2008)

West Wing
Star Trek franchise
Stargate franchise
Doctor Who/Torchwood
AI Season 7 (and connected fandoms)
Queer as Folk


A little warning:
I like to swear. Deal with it or piss off ;)
I also like to argue. A lot.
Some would say I always have to contradict people. True, but mostly I just like to argue.
Plus, it's how I form opinions. I try to look at a thing from all possible angles (I can think of) and then make my decision.
Often it doesn't even matter if I'm arguing 'my' side.
So please, don't hold that against me.
I think the fact that I don't mind, actually like, dissenting opinions goes without saying. Just don't jump to the conclusion that I'm always arguing for the side I'm on, if I even have one - and I usually see "opinions" not the "person arguing it" in a discussion, please try to apply the same to me/don't take that the wrong way?

Life on Mars mood theme created by flurblewig
Layout and Header I made myself. The cap is from Numbers, end of the ep 4x16, in case you're curious. And I've used various bits of Matchbox20 lyrics throughout.
Icon credits are on the userpic page.