Woody's Graphics and other passions....

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I live in Munich, Germany and I'm working on the Munich Airport.
First, when I created my livejournal I had no idea what to write in it, now I show my wallpapers and other things I made with Photoshop.
In the last years I turned from a tv-show watcher in a football fan, again!
I loved football many years ago, but stopped watching, because of personal reasons...

It started again after the WC 2008, with the discovering of the Spain NT and especially when I spotted Sergio Ramos, defender from Real Madrid.

Since a few weeks a have a new passion: male models! Well, what can I say....I'm strange.;)

Livejournal-Layout made by Fruitstyle designs
by Malionette

Sergio moodtheme made by me.:)

Willy Cartier header made by myself.

Most the icons I use are made by myself, except the animated icons.

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