Friends only!

EDIT: 15.11.12

My livejournal was "Friends only" for a long time now, but because I don't write many entries anymore I decided to post open from now on!

I started with making graphics years ago, maybe I go "back to the roots" now....

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About Nagron - "Spartacus"...

Well, we had episode 3x07 days ago, so only 3 episodes left...
It is really a shame that this final season has only 10 episodes, everything feels so rushed to me. Come on guys, that is the final season of an epic show...(I know, it is too late..)

I swear one thing - when they make it not out of the show alive I will ignore the end of the season! Seriously - Agron and Nasir have to live happily ever after - I will accept no other ending.

They are such a wonderful couple - thanks to the amazing actors Dan Feuerriegel and Pana Hema Taylor - they have to survive all that madness - please!


I changed the layout and the header of the journal a time ago and really wanted to post more, but didn't.:( I really, really want, but...I don't know.

What I'm doing at the moment? Searching for Willy Cartier pics and drooling over them...*lol*
I have this thing with long hair - not only on men's heads.

Source: Sarah Kjelleren's tumblr

I started with a Willy mood theme for my livejournal, really forgot how much work that is. I bet it takes a few month to create it...

And tomorrow is Spartacus-day for me. Saw only the first episode of the new season so far and will watch episode 2+3 tomorrow after work.*YAY*
AND: "The walking dead" is back tomorrow! How I hate midseason breaks!

Only a quick note...

Well, I checked my "friends" list here and realized I don't know many people there...

Many of them became members of ramos_fans, saw that I do graphics, befriended me and went away....
So I decided to clean up my list a bit, please don't take it personal...I know I'm not a good friend too. I do not comment very often in other journals, sorry.

When you think you didn't deserve to be removed, please tell me and I will think about it.;)