public service announcement

i made a new lj because.. uh.. i wanted to. so there.

i'll be adding you guys so add me the fuck back bitches.


yea so its temperingchaos

i have pizza on my shirt. the end.
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day of many updates eh?

so 3 guys just came in the comp lab.. 2 of them with mohawks in piercings.. all of them have bristish accents.. i have the biggest girlboner ever. ever . oh my god. im going to.. i need to.. run.
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update just cuz..

i just got back from otown with sean.
denny's is god. true story.
uhm. yea so. im feeling pretty good. warching a lot of red vs blue which is enough to warp anyone's mind..
my hair is quite large today.
one of my kitties hasnt been home in over a day.. im starting to get a bit nervous.
on a brighter note my skin is starting to clear back up.. go figure..
well i forgot i was updating because.. well. tucker did it.
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part of a peom i really like and i have no reasoning behind it..

"And I dreamt your true name
in a langauge worn
smooth and clean
as stones in a dry riverbed.
Follow it back to me.
I want to feel your handprints
on my skin, your teeth in my hair.
I want the dark cloud of
memory to open -
release the perfect syllables
of your birth." Deborah Miranda

by the way its not to be interpretted sexually.. it uses sexual language to make clear how deep the connection is..

because i guess most people dont get that there are a lot more meaningful things than sex in this life.
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(no subject)

first off.. thank you all so much for your support.

im moving.. im quitting my job.. and im taking a semester off.

i may be fucking my life up but i need a goddamn break.
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*le sigh*

im bouncing back and forth between being really happy and miserable.

okay, well. i got accepted to SUCO as a bio major. i want to cry. im really fucking torn apart on this one. what if im not smart enough? what if i cant pass physics and chemistry? how far can i really go without being good in math?
and i have to move, find a roomate, and a new job by august 23rd. im so fucking scared. i dont want to. i want to lock myself up in a cave. but how can i not go? how can i let everyone down? it would be such an erika thing to do to get accepted to the program shes been dreaming of and then not go.

i called my dad and left a message with the news and he hasnt even called me back. i know he doesnt really approve of me going into science.. but i worked really hard.. and its not like delhi where they take anyone.. i thought just maybe he would be proud of me. bah. now im sitting in an empty (thank god) comp lab crying.

why the fuck am i sad? i should be so happy. this is what i wanted. i just wish i could fucking make him give a shit. i wish i could take things as they come.
anyway. computer lab has people and erika does not want to be lame.
and ive managed to piss off a bunch of my friends without meaning to. i dont know what the fuck people want from me. i mean, i must be being a dick but i dont understand how. and people are always quick to yell at me and slow to explain why.

however, besides my little freak out today ive been pretty happy.. getting a little cranky off and on from all the shit on my mind.
i cant fucking help it. i feel like fucking everything up so i dont have to go. i dont know. but isnt that what they'd expect? but why the fuck do i give a shit what everyone else expects of me. i dont even know what i want.
i want to move out of hobart. and i want to get a new job. and i want to scream.
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booger (one of my cats) aka the fucking antichrist just ran over jumped on the chair jumped on my back put her paws on my shoulders started staring at bash.org and kneading my shoulders.

fuck you punctuation.

im going to bed because she is creepy.
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i must take on my cervix slayer identity in real life.

im actually at my own house. it feels so nice to be alone. tomorrow im staying out in delhi and i think i actually have plans for the entire weekend. very odd. i love actually being able to hang out now. tonight is just a nice boring night. im a tiny bit more introverted than extroverted so i need my alone time every few days or i start to act a little cranky.

im really fucked up right now. and it feels like my cervix is trying to thrash its way out my ass.

thought i should share.

dear reproductive organs,
you fucking irritate me. you wont fucking expel your nutrienty clotty doom, but you'll give me assthrashing cramps? that is just fucking unnecessary. quit your shit or i'll take a fucking red hot poker to you bitches.
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