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January 23rd, 2004

*peeks out from behind her rock*


I am brand new here. I'm mostly here 'cause my melo hates me. I am sixteen years old, without a permit. I have been riding for somewhere over 8 years now; I've had my current pony, Rory, for 5 years.
I am very short, only 5 feet tall. My hair is to my shoulders. I'm a 4-H'er. I'm called Talia, and will go by this, Tal, or... something else.
I sing - I don't/can't/won't dance, but I will be attending my semi tomorrow, with my friend (FRIEND!) Sean. I love Lackey, Pratchett, Pierce, Atwater-Rhodes, and many many others.
SO. I'm lame and can't think of anything else to say.

Fare thee well...