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(no subject) [May. 2nd, 2005|06:22 pm]


500 Dogs to Die! (posted 5/1/05)

The greyhound track in Plainfield, CT voted on April 26th that they would discontinue greyhound racing. Unfortunately - and heartbreakingly - they've also decided that rescuers have only two weeks to get the dogs out, and any dogs remaining at the track on May 14th will be euthanized. This is a monumental task because there are at least 500 dogs currently at the track. These are all young, healthy dogs, 2-4 years of age, who would make great family pets.


Go to http://www.dakinshelter.org/news.html for contact info about how to adopt/donate/help.

This is really important to me, and even more importantly, to the 500 dogs that's lives are at stake. If you know *ANYONE* who you think could help out, please, please tell them about this. Tell everyone you know, repost it, e-mail people, etc, etc. These dogs do not deserve to die.
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slackers! [Aug. 29th, 2004|09:02 pm]
a ps of some sorts, haha, because i'm lazy~

no one is allowed to yell at me for not having added them to my new journal unless they've already added me and i'm a slacker and haven't added them back. so you add first, then i do. :)


and now this journal's done, hahaha.
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new livejournal [Aug. 26th, 2004|03:37 pm]
moved to truthliketime
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in the laughing times we know that we are lucky [Aug. 16th, 2004|08:49 pm]
friday, emily, girl talk, whatley diner.
saturday, vermont, farm and wilderness, fair.
fair, good talks with emma, being overwhelmed, re-bonding with sasha.
after fair, tinkerbrook, being forgiven, hanging out with topher, drunk people.
sunday, driving home, sheron visiting, keith coming over, emily leaving, olympics.
monday, dorm shopping, napoleon dynamite, keith leaving.

i leave in less than 4 days.
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take me ouuuut tonight (meow) [Aug. 8th, 2004|10:31 pm]
[mood |accomplishedaccomplished]
[music |RENT ~ Out Tonight {hence the title of the entry}]

new york was awesome!

here's my re-cap~ i think jessy's is more extensive, though, if this doesn't cover it haha.

*friday evening* got settled/wandered around 7th, looking at the stores. i think the only one we went into was the porn store, though haha.
*friday night* was a little sad and stressful because of lots of little miscommunications, but there was a full house marathon on and that's all that mattered. stayed up til like 5:30 in the morning being overtired and silly {i made a jelly belly spiral, that's all that needs to be said}.

*saturday* couldn't get guestlisted for warped, so i took jessy around the city. went down to times square {mtv, planet hollywood, virgin, broadway, etc}, then bloomingdale's, then wandered down 5th. i ate a sub with hot peppers that were -wicked- hot. MA subways get shitty hot peppers haha.
*saturday evening* got back to the apartment around the same time the guys called, asking for directions. when they {mark, rob, and tony} got there, we all hung out for a bit until jenk and shamia joined us, when we all left to get food. we walked around [in a circle, because shamia thought the restaurant was on a different street]. mark and i decided it was a little too upscale for us to just order waters {we weren't hungry}, so we headed back to the apartment while everyone else ate.
*saturday night* began with tony bringing in lots of beer. jenk and shamia left for home while rob, tony, and jessy started on the beer. we figured out sleeping arrangements early, though, so we could set up beds quickly, cause we were all exhausted. i didn't get to sleep til like 4:30, anyway though haha.

*sunday* got the guys up at 6, they were out by 6:45. i cleaned up and took a shower while jessy got some extra sleep in and we caught the 10:07 back to new haven. on the way home tony called to say his and rob's guitars had been stolen, along with tony's bag. :( someone must've left one of the van doors unlocked, or the back. i feel so bad, especially because i almost told them to bring all their stuff up and double check the locks, but i already felt like such a mom for cutting up the 6-pack holders and being like, "ahh music not too loud!" and such.

all in all it was wicked fun. i was kinda sad about warped, but really i would've just gone to see people {like dan, who i haven't seen in like 2 months or something}. but i'm *so* glad i got to see rob<3 and mark<33 and tony who doesn't get a heart because he was in the doghouse for a while heh {jokes}. and it was awesome going with jessy, we had a lot of fun :)

*today was my arrival day!*
well, i was excited, at least, haha. i got home and natey and nora both had little green bows on for the occasion. <3kittens<3
got sad and mopey, partially from not being in new york hanging out and partially cuz i was overtired/hungry/freezing. got over that with the strawberries/whipped cream dessert and phone calls from lovely people <3 and picked up amanda. we drove around and had girl talk and that was also lovely.

now i've bored you and you're done reading, cuz this is so long haha.
tomorrow = danielle and the house to myself
tuesday = keith and the house to myself
wednesday = keith and nicole and lindsay hopefully and late watch and the meteor shower and the house to myself
thursday = possibly hiking somewhere with ryan, if he gets back in time (?) and the house to myself

notice a trend? i'm going to be in heaven!
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as is, by the lovely ani difranco. off of little plastic castle. [Aug. 5th, 2004|02:54 pm]
[mood |optimisticoptimistic]
[music |Indigo Girls ~ Romeo and Juliet cover]

i know. i said i was going to write something more substance-filled. but i lost that entry a few days ago, and then my motivation died. oh well.

MONDAY brought allie and christina time. we went to pasta y basta in amherst, then walked around umass and downtown amherst and talked and the swans came to say hi, it was lovely. then we drove to get lost and passed the scariest-looking building *ever,* which i really want to check out in the daylight.

TUESDAY was driving down to north branford to see keith at work, then back to keith's house. we went and saw the village, which i highly recommend. but it's not what you'd expect. late night swimming {again} and i froze {again} but i love swimming and it was fun.

WEDNESDAY we went to subway and i ate too much, and then i was going to be late for work so i sped down the scary connecticut roads. but then i *had* to go visit lindsay. because she's lindsay and she's amazing. so i stopped in there, and then sped a lot and made it to work with 1 minute to spare. mitchell called me at work, he had a show at the flywheel. so, after the show, him and jessay picked me up and we went and hung out at jessay's house. watched the bad luck 13 video hahaha which was amazing, and various other amazing videos. had lots of girltalk, and played around on myspace. i broke down and got an account, so you can all add me and make fun of me.

jessy and i are going to new york this weekend. we went shopping in preparation today {and by that i mean i bought jelly bellys and cameras}. i'm excited, and a little nervous. happy to have a carefree weekend. hopeful that i don't spend too much money. curious as to how warped is going to be, if we get in.

i'd really like to go take a walk or go hike somewhere. if anyone is interested, they should leave a comment. or just call me and tell me we're going. i want to get out, i feel very disconnected with nature and really anything outdoors. i think that's why i was thinking about the farm the other day. i miss living in it. i miss 3 sided cabins and long walks and hikes up the mountain.

taken out of context, i must seem to strange..Collapse )
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and when i say, when i say i'll take it, i mean, i mean As Is <3 [Aug. 2nd, 2004|02:59 am]
[mood |exhaustedexhausted]
[music |Ani~Names&Dates&Times & Dar~What Do You Love More Than Love]

FRIDAY: work, show.
show--- didn't really want to be there, cuz i was so tired/out of it. had fun with via audio {and the people, especially lindsay, nicole, andy, kevin, keith, abby (and matt), jessay, and tasha. and ethan! i never see ethan<3}, left after them because i wasn't in the mood for kevin devine.
friendlys, beach<3, pool, full house, movie, sleep.
SATURDAY: breakfast, playing with tara {she's a huskey! so cute!}. home, cleaning, napping, keith, downtown {i found my gift certificate to faces and my dress was gone! ::cries and pouts::}, fresh pasta co., the princess diaries, sleep by 1:30.
SUNDAY: wake up too early. air conditioned atm vestibules, jake's, hampshire mall, double stuf oreos, red sox, dinner, la fiorentina's dessert {cannolis!}, keith leaves. danielle, amanda, a movie called "blow dry," fun talks.
MONDAY: police cop following me home cuz i took that illegal left by the high school [yeah, you all know which left i'm talking about...], and checking my license because he didn't believe i was 18. apparantly i *still* look 15.

it's only 3 hours into monday, so that's all i got for ya. was that short enough?
something less this-is-what-i-did {because it's really not all that interesting} and more substance-filled later.

[less than 41.]
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and i've got no illusions about you, and guess what? i never did [Jul. 28th, 2004|06:17 am]
::yawn:: it was 6 am, and i got a little bored waiting up, so you get a survey. it's rather short though, no worries.

The \\
Last Cigarette:like 4 years ago?
Last Alcoholic Drink:after the skeptics cd release, so june 19
Last Car Ride:home from yamila's
Last Kiss:yesterday <3
Last Good Cry:*way* too long ago. last cry was lindsay's birthday party, though~ july 2
Last Library Book:i think it was something by nicholas sparks
Last book bought:an oscar wilde book for lindsay
Last Book Read:invisible monsters
Last Movie Seen in Theatres:spiderman 2
Last Movie Rented:big fish
Last Cuss Word Uttered:"holy shit" {i got jumpy during spiderman 2 haha}
Last Beverage Drank:coke, bad christina.
Last Food Consumed:chicken masala or lifesavers, whatever you count
Last Crush:does current count as last?
Last Phone Call:yamila
Last TV Show Watched:boy meets world!
Last Time Showered:yesterday
Last Shoes Worn:old navy flip flops
Last CD Played:full cd? the format ~ interventions and lullabies
Last Item Bought:movie ticket
Last Download:either fall out boy~nobody puts baby in the corner orr jeff buckley's cover of hallelujah
Last Annoyance:a moth tried to attack me
Last Disappointment:that it isn't friday? or that the rain was too cold to play in today
Last Soda Drank:coke
Last Thing Written:e
Last Key Used:e
Last Words Spoken:"bye darling" to yamila
Last Sleep:i was woken up at 11:30 AM haha. but soon, since it's now 6:15 AM
Last Ice Cream Eaten:strawberry
Last Chair Sat In:movie seat
Last Webpage Visited:livejournal.com

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cause when i look down i just miss all the good stuff, but when i look up i just trip over things.. [Jul. 28th, 2004|01:36 am]
[mood |sleepysleepy]
[music |the format ~ interventions and lullabies {thanks keith<3}]

my list of amazing things:
• the slackers
• sleepovers at nicole's house with lots of girl talk and fun people like lindsay, annie, and alli and a cute cat named toes
• fifteen-year-old female dogs named -mr. puppy-
• nintendo and hangar with danielle and nicole
• tft at the flywheel and making jokes with greg
• amanda's new red streaks {i was so proud of myself, i hadn't dyed hair in a while!}
• sidewalk sales with crazy people {and by crazy people i mean danielle and dionne} and burning cds for hours with said crazy people
• hanging out with bobby, keith, and nicole~ especially when we go visit fun people like andy and greg
• chocolate chip pancakes from the parth
• molly!
• my mommy being home
• boy meets world
a cinderella story
• india house and chicken masala with lel and bobby
• seeing two movies in one day

my list of un-amazing things:
• new jersey
• barbed-wire covered baseball bats
• mvp baseball
* "the piano man" skipping over.. and over... and over... and over..

so yeah. tonight i saw both a cinderella story *and* spiderman 2 with bobby and yamila, respectively. surprisingly, i enjoyed them both. a lot. and i enjoyed hanging out with both of them, especially because i hadn't hung out with either of them for the longest time and they're awesome. <3 yay.

if you want an update, read the list of amazing things~ it's basically in order of what i've been doing. mostly a lot of hanging out with nicole gau-thi-er {omg lol} because she's wicked freaking cool and i heart her and various other super cool people. and bobby's here from DC until wednesday evening which is awesome, because i hadn't seen him in like a year.

I MISS PEOPLE! things for new york are really coming together, which makes me really happy. i've missed mark and rob and even tony and i feel like jessy and i haven't hung out in a while {even though it hasn't been that long}, so it will be fun. and wednesday will be nice, and thursday will be fun, but friday will be better. and it's not friday yet. why not? ::pout::

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and i try to laugh at whatever life brings [Jul. 22nd, 2004|11:43 pm]
[mood |anxiousanxious]
[music |first it was weezer blue album, now it's taking back sunday]

i walked across the grass and noticed how thick it felt under my sandals. just as i started to think about how wonderful it would feel to tumble across that lawn, the grass between my toes, i felt the pain in my side and a few of the chips in my ankle ground together and cracked.

i feel old.

-SUNDAY- was awoken by keith's call {and by that i mean danielle throwing the phone at me}. said bye to adam, and headed home. got home about 15 minutes before keith got here. we hung out and watched some red sox and went to india house and herrells. we rented big fish, but got distracted when it started raining at 2 am. what else are you going to do at 2 am when it's so warm out but go dance in the rain?? it was lovely.

-MONDAY- i worked. and had late watch. and slept a lot.

-TUESDAY- i worked. then hung out with danielle and dionne. we got teapot and laughed a lot and played on playgrounds and dionne fell down. then we went back to my house because we all had to pee from all the water/soup/tea we drank, and then played on more playgrounds and laughed more. i love those two.

-WEDNESDAY- i worked. and had late watch. keith picked me up from late watch. hung around at home for a bit, then headed out to the hangar<3. {i now have twice baked potato skins, almost a DC3 of honey mustard, and at least a DC3 if not more of honey bbq in my fridge. be jealous.} came home and hung out with danielle and dionne and watched monty python {i promptly fell asleep, as i always do when i try to watch this movie}. d squared left, and keith and i watched can't hardly wait and fell asleep numerous times. or at least i did.

-THURSDAY- somehow even though i was woken up at 5:45 {rarr :P haha}, i still didn't make it to the y to work out. i made it for my early watch though, and then work. tonight my dad and i went to see catrin in hamlet. she was excellent, especially when she was playing crazy ophelia.

-TOMORROW- is my last {official} day of work, yay! then i pick up alli, and we go see tft and the superspecs and *the slackers* and lots of friends.
-SATURDAY- is tft at the flywheel. yay again and more friends.
-SUNDAY- i dunno. i need to clean my room, though haha perhaps i will devote this day to that {yeah. right.}
-MONDAY- connecticut.
-TUESDAY- yamila!

there are movies i want to see and friends i want to hang out with and bands i want to see and clothes i want to buy and places i want to go and boys i want to kiss. there is food i want to eat and tanning i want to do and an adventure i want to have and a roadtrip i want to have.

all these things should be combined to make lots of hanging out. i leave in 29 days. ::pouty face::
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