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Bouncing dots

I think it’s time we had a talk, Blog.

No really, this isn’t a joke. You’ve got quite a lot of explaining to do — about a lot of things, actually. But foremost, I want you to tell me why you have this old image uploaded into your archives. I was going through your things while you were out — no shut up, this isn’t about me, this is about YOU. Don’t try to change the subject.

How long have you even had this, and more importantly: why? By the way, Blog, the correct answer is: “because of the baby bunny,” and NOT: “because of the young lady (who thought a red blouse, red shorts, and a blue cap was a good idea for jog-wear)”.

The former is vaguely excusable. The latter, creepy as anything, so cut it out.

But seriously, what is even going on in this photo? Why am I scowling at a tiny rabbit while in the third-worst outfit imaginable?

I can only assume it is because I hated small, precious animals. Or the more likely scenario; because I’m just so innately awkward. Yeah, that’s just the way we roll around. You best respect.

Ugh. I see what you did there, Blog. Trying to distract me, eh? Well it won’t work this time! Mark my words, Blog, I’m going to keep going through your stuff and I better not find anymore images of young girls.

This is just getting weird.

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I Implore Your Aide plz

You know what’s got me stumped these days?

This image.

Help me decide which version is the best please. I’ve looked at this so long, that my eyes are going cross. It doesn’t help that my laptop comes with all these zany screen colour defaults … with none being good for processing colour integrity.

If you don’t know which one you like best, at least tell me which you like the least please. That would be just as amazing.

 Welp, looks like LJ's polling function won't work for me.

Thanks very much to anyone that can give me a hand anyway! 

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Not a Dirty Liar, Actually

I am dying on my feet tired today and I’m not entirely sure why. Yesterday was super busy and quite an adventure with the dangerous as hell roads, (no, my mistake; when I said “roads,” I really meant ICY CHASMS OF DEATH) the business meetings, the business dinner, the business lunch, the parties and the mint tour, but these usually don’t tire me out this much even in conjunction. Furthermore, I’m pretty sure I went to sleep yesterday, so I have no right be this fatigued. Ah well, it’ll stay a mystery I guess.

Arble Garble, but I have so much stuff I need to get done this weekend and it’s already 1 AM. So instead of doing the smart thing like studying, working or getting me to bed, I’m going to prove I’m not a fibber.

I keep telling people I like photography and have been meaning to post up some of my experiments in the field for, well, years now. So, here goes. Links go to my new photography account on Deviant art.

Autumn Lantern

Take it, and let it light your way back to us.

After the Spider Party

It was a delicate but beautiful wedding.

What Summer Days Feel Like

A good day to be a Seagull King

You too will be Glorious.

Soon. Soon.



Mass Effect OCs and a plant-shark named Watermelon.

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Bouncing dots

5,704 in 73

Hey, that’s a pretty big number. What’s it for?

So, you know how one of my new year resolutions is to take more photos? Well, I was going through my external hard drive to find out how many older photographs I still have laying around and waiting for me to do something with. That is what I’ve found.

I have to wade through 73 folders and 5,704 pictures. I’d totally forgotten about all these. I expect most of them to probably be rubbish anyway, but there might be a few good shots hidden in there. Right now I’m digging through the folders and trying to sort, delete, and save things. And wow, this is actually sort of difficult! I have this strange compulsion to squirrel away even the most sub par of photos. I’m surprised how hard it is for me to just rip through the mess and delete everything that is less than mediocre. I mean, yeah, the worst are gone in a snap, but the rest sort of hang around like awkward teenage wallflowers at the year’s first dance.


Anyway as I work through this mess, (and try to work on the website in my spare time), have a gander at the continuation of my first illustration of the new year. It’s still Coraline, and I was going to make her a giraffe. I got up to the strange little antennae-horns and then promptly forgot what I was doing. I’m not completely happy with how this turned out, but oh well. It was good practice in drawing leaves or something. Why is she hanging out in a rain forest / greenhouse / conservatory ? I don’t know. I wanted to stay away from drawing flowers, but given her personalty , I probably should have. Oh well too late now. If I get bored enough, I may color this yet. Otherwise, she’s staying a ballpoint sketch. Also, at one point, she did have hands and the rest of the upper torso; I just got bored.

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