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Bouncing dots


Just a quick oil pastel sketch. First time using the medium.  Did not turn out how I had planned, but still alright for a first try. I like the colors. It was supposed to be Gabby, but I don’t know what happened.

Shoddy scan,  cause the image is in my sketchbook and I couldn’t be bothered to make an effort. … And yes,  that is seran wrap on the picture.

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Bouncing dots

Cor valentines

Last valentines I made a quick 15 minute ms paint sketch for the metaphorical altiel to my cor. The purple dude up there is the improved version as the image itself was pretty cruddy, I have to admit. I finally was able to draw the guy’s hair properly and I couldn’t allow the picture to just sit around looking horrid so I had to fix it a little.
click here to see the original

I also decided to keep up the lame sketch upload and include another (older and therefore the grimy-ness is excusable ).

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Bouncing dots

Mini Comic 1

Sometimes I make silly little comics and have no where to put them. Then I remembered I have an art blog. So I will probably post my comics here.

So even though the following can never happen, if it did, this is how it would go. And my next comic has a better punchline, I promise. Actually has a punchline more like…

click for comic

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Bouncing dots

New sketches

I’ve been posting mostly old stuff lately so here is some new-ish sketches I’m working on. I have a whole bunch more sitting around on my hardrive and sketchbook still. The first and last images are from the Ivory Crow Grenade, but more on that at a later date.

The person above is pretty attractive, but I fear it is far too feminine… I’ll have to change that.

Not too sure who the person above is, she started out as just a tablet warm up exercise. I think the face is actually pretty cute and might have some potential for a finished picture one of these days.

Click the image below for a larger view.

click the image above for a larger view.

This one is going to be fantastic! I can just feel it! Whats sort of sad is that I had the sketch almost done, when I accidentally deleted it. I was a little upset, but I decided to stay up till 4 am and redo the thing. I still miss the original though. In any case, Here’s to getting the time to complete this baby, she’s gonna be a winner!

One of these days I need to upload a manly picture…

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