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Bouncing dots


Hey, so I made my first animation ever and am pretty proud even though it’s a little rusty around the edges:

Since it’s a .GIF file the colours aren’t so hot but I don’t care because LOOK MOVING PICTURES! I did that all by myself!

I also made a tutorial under the cut.

You should think about checking it out. I worked hard on it, and who knows, maybe I’ve done something right and you might even learn a thing… or one.

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Some women find facial scars attractive. Mind you, most of those women are Krogan…

That’s a really nerdy (geeky?) title but don’t mind me, its 3 AM and I’m really set on making this post since I finally finished colouring this picture.

There’s probably a few things I could afford to fix on this, but for now I am most definitely calling it done.  Again, if you wanted to see the progress shots you can find them in previous posts here and here. I’m thinking of doing either a walk-through or a tutorial on how I painted this guy, anyone interested? Oh, and before someone feels inclined to give me more credit than I’m due, I should mention that I didn’t do the lines; Misterknife did [Warning, link is so very NSFW.]

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Sad Dude in Cave / is this Cell Shading?

I’m updating my blog and it is 2 in the morning. Surprise, surprise.

It’s now the next day and I’ve forgotten to publish my last night late night post. Surprise. Surprise.

In any case, now that I’m done that one tegaki adventure, I’m free to finish the other things I owe other people. This includes my colouring job on gimpy Shark Man here.

You might remember him from an earlier post, but I just wanted to update where I am on this guy. I also wanted to show the difference between my spot colours and my more finalized version(s).

I still need to add a second level of shadow to the skin, and I’m planning to add the volume to the scar tissue on another layer, so that’s why they still look kind of flat. I also need to do some skin highlights, but will probably keep that simple since I’m working with a low light environment.

The shadows are just one colour right now by the way, so I wonder if this is cell shading? Is it? I had wanted to do cell shading originally, but I’m not entirely sure if I got it right. Man, if I were a real artist I bet I would know these fancy definitions.

I gotta say too, that I tackled the skin first, not just because it helped me get a better idea of the light source, but also because looking up references on how to paint bruises/cuts/scar tissue got me some pretty terrifying nightmare fuel pictures. Edit: That might explain my actual nightmares last night. But I digress. The amount of inflation pornography that cropped up was surprising too.

And while I don’t have the greatest working knowledge of male any words anatomy and decided to MAKE IT UP AS I WENT, I really like how this turned out. There’s still a few shading inconsistencies I need to iron out, but this’s the first time I’ve tried rendering “realistic-ish” muscle mass and the final product isn’t half bad looking imho. I think a lot of the ease to which this happened is thanks to Mado’s ability to put lines in all the right places though. It’s worth noting too, that this character is supposed to have very smooth, almost dolphin-like skin, so that explains why my shadings so smooth looking.

Anyway, the way I see it, I can either now go do some homework or try to finish the skin for this guy. Guess which one I’m choosing? [winky-face-emote here]

PS: I’ve started an art reference tumblr. More on that later.

PPS: Today’s Pictures for Sad Children comic was AMAZING. So out of the blue, unexpected and synonymous with “awesome.”

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My mission to come off as anything but creepy has failed -Tegaki

Actually that title’s more than a little dramatic, but I’m feeling live a Diva, so indulge me.

I was introduced to tegaki sometime last year, and since then have managed to produce exactly two pictures.  One is this guy:

I’m normally pretty self conscious about this kind of thing, but why? Well, since I’ve got no answer that’s any good, I  guess I haven’t got any reason to be. So, indulging in both a little self-love and plenty of badly structured sentences, I present to you my tegaki avatar. That’s a rather accurate depiction of me, insofar as scribbles go, even though my hair’s a lot shorter than that right now. I also don’t have glowing dots circling around the back of my head, and usually lack a manifestation of the visual depiction of what I’m talking about too. I’m talking about plants by the way, if that wasn’t clear. I’m also sounding kind of like a tool but it’s okay; I’m a diva for at least 10 more minutes.

The next picture I can’t even explain but am going to try to do anyway, because one day I may want to know what I was smoking/ disillusioning myself with.

This is currently my first tegaki post, as well as what I hope will be my last. Though once I say this out loud, it means in about 2 months I’ll be selling my soul to the damn place. Curse you, self. You and your masochistic tendencies. Curse. You. Its not been a pleasant time for me. In fact, this person’s picture quite sums up the tegaki experience:

QQ on Tegaki E

While you’re clicking through links though, you should think about checking out some of the amazing artists that use that site. Seriously, there are some great things going on there.

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Tough as nails and dumb as nails

Wowee, it is another year and gosh – for better or worse – it sure was an interesting one. I owe a lot of people a lot of things art/fic wise, but I’m taking a break from that to-do list to post a little update on one of the things I’m working on. I’ll soon put up a post about what’s new with me this shiny new year and will work at including all the pictures I meant to post last year but didn’t.

Anyway, on a much more visually interesting note, here are my spot tests for some lines I’m colouring for my pal Mado. She’s another WAY AWESOME artist I know, who has a great grasp of humor and knows how to build really unique OCs. Here’s my WIP of her bloke wearing only some base colours, hypothetical shadowing and a sprinkle of bruises. Also, man alive, but I sure do need to brush up on my grasp of anatomy. >.>

This is the first stage of most of my colour jobs and the sort of rough work I’d show a hypothetical client to get feedback on composition, colour choice, etc. It’s always good to know before you get too far into an image whether you’ve botched up something, and this saves a lot of time and stress for everyone. It also proves you’re working on whatever you’ve said you would and sets people more at ease.

With Mado’s permission, I’ll post the finished image.

Starting off the new year with fabulous collaborations with fabulous people, is pretty damn fabulous. I love you guys.


Mado mentioned that Seven here needed a more aquatic skin texture, so here’s the change:

It’s barely noticeable unless you put the textureless version beside the new textured version; then you see what an improvement you get. The moral of the story is: talk to your clients / buddies all the damn time about everything. It makes you make better stuff.

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Bouncing dots

A whole lot of stuff in one picture

Or alternatively; Spot the goldfish.


Did you find the goldfish yet?

This was done with pencil crayons, oil pastel, markers, and lots of crayons from my elementary school days.
I’m not entirely satisfied with this, but at least I finished it right and proper. I was at the university till 1 am pretty much. I hit all the required points for this assignment and ho boy, if I don’t get a rockin’ grade on this baby, there will be hell to pay plenty of indignation and argument forthcoming.

In other news, I had a bit of a blues period which now seems to be over. Good job Angela-self. Now I’m just angry. This is actually good news, because maybe now I’ll harness my rage!energy™ (300 horse power) and get a whole bunch of partying work done this weekend.

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Bouncing dots

It's an Abrstract Party

Bahahaha! It’s my birthday tomorrow! Celebrate with me!

I figure with this awesome holiday approaching (Holiday for ME at least) I can guilelessly take a day off from my exam cramming.

So here are some abstracts and some messing around with photoshop.

Not too sure if I’m really done with all these but at the moment, the due date is over so I don’t have time / need to polish them up right away.


Something on the ice and in the water


Close up of the blue one. Those fine details I scratched in the oil pastel with a needle. Fun stuff.

Tropica Exotica

Coral Carnivale


Some more random words or something hahaha.

These look like so much fun but were a pain and another rush job (but what else is new?)

Happy Birthmorrow to me! Hahaha!

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