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Dancing Lights and Fire Dragons

[They Mostly Breath Fire Y'know]

... As opposed to the other type of dragons. I've been meaning to go down to the parks and see some of my mates and their fire dancing. The idea behind the activity seemed to be:
  1. Grab something flammable
  2. Set fire to it
  3. Spin all fancy like
  4. Repeat
I had my camera with me so I snapped some shots. I've got lots that I love, and even more that were just horrible and needed to be deleted on the spot. Please don't ask me the settings I used to achieve some of the effects... it was dark and I operated more by touch than by anything else. Also I 'm just lucky my camera didn't catch fire; i was doing some pretty stupid stuff with it...

FYI: click the images for larger versions.

Here's one of my favorite shots from the night.

I love this girl's expression. It's so carefree and contented. Unfortunately I never got her name. So if anyone knows the Wolesly area on Thursday nights, and knows this chick, please let me know. And yes, she's essentially got a flaming hula hoop. I've got lots of neat pictures from this night, and I'll be uploading the rest of the best in another journal entry. I'd like to know if people think certain of these pictures are more spectacularly worse than the others. I'm still learning with this whole photography scene and could use some constructive criticism. But if you really insist on showering me with complements, I couldn't possibly turn you away.

Don't Go That Way:

Don't worry, the city lights can keep me company when you're gone. Look out, the link is pretty image heavy. But follow along for some more 'artsy' photos.

Fire Dragons:

Two fire dancers here. Probably just me again, but I can't help but think this one looks like 4 little fire snakes. (Yeah, i've got a soft spot for reptiles, can you tell?) The one farthest right, totally looks like a dragon. I can't help but imagine this scene with these kids doing some sort of nifty ceremonial dance with these tamed fiery snakes twining around their hands and ankles. It's a cool image at least -- more so on the verbal side I think, but to each their own. You know what else is cool? Inverted images. I dunno, I like 'em.


This one's fun. Chandeliers and party beads. Also sentence fragments. Also the most colour depth I've got for you today, I think.

Stained Glass at night:

I'm pretty sure the girl doing the spinning here is my friend Mel. Again with the church images. I dunno, it's probably just me, but I get some serious stained glass vibes from this one.

Light Weave / Wound up Light/ Lights Unwinding:

Sit still long enough, and the lights won't be afraid to weave themselves into your hair. ... (Provided you don't have short short pixie hair like me)

Lights through the smoke:

I don't know what my deal is, but these two pictures give me some awfully church-y vibes. The reason I like this picture is because for some reason the scene came out blue-ish and I can't unsee a dove in the fiery path in the middle. Because my first thought was "lights through smoke" when I saw this picture, and then saw the 'dove', I was reminded of those scenes in abandoned churches, where the birds all flock up for dramatic effect. And then there's a lingering scene of just dust motes through the sunlight and some cooing from the nondescript birds. Careful not to sit on the pews... you don't know how long the birds have been there.


I just love that long graceful sweep at the top. It's more silk than fire. I would wear that on the red carpet ... if i wasn't afraid that the colours would clash with the carpet ... and provided I'm immune to first degree burns...

The last one for the night is a good party:

And you're invited. BYOB though. I think of all my pictures, this one catches the feeling of "dancing" the best.

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