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More old art

Posting again, this time it’s old art, but I’m just trying to get back into the swing of things.

An old favorite of mine.  Nyx the little lady who is of Spanish and  French descent and used to be a Janitor before going to trade school and becoming a mechanic.

Plots change, and now she has a more fitting job (sort of) as a sous-chef (sort of).

A picture from way back in my middle school days. Old image is old but I don’t have any depictions of Alice up here yet.

An older commission that I’m still really fond of; if only for the foreground people. I like the details on the clothing. In any case, this picture was the longest I’ve ever spent on a digital piece.

Another picture from my middle school days. It’s Avery and Alice this time.

Mirrored from http://wisterium.xepher.net/comic.

Tags: art, original, sleep pending, two is two too many

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