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Damian, not a surely christmas elf

You know, I’m really starting to like this blog thing. Haha, it must be the sleek blog design, nothing else.

In any case, this is another older picture with a background I’m still rather fond of. The Bg is nothing more than a stock pattern and a bad combination of dodge and burn, but in my my humble opinion it reminds me of sunshine on something golden. This of course has absolutely no relevance to the character. But this picture isn’t so bad for my second try at digital coloring eh?

The character by the way is Damian Grey. Because I work solely on a laptop the colors i see are very different than that on a different monitor. If his hair looks really green, its not supposed to. His hair is supposed to be black with just a little green at the tips. (I’m already aware of the crazy bad over amplified anime hair) I need to draw a better picture of this fellow. I’m think his hair will become more brown black (even though I loved the green black color combo) and maybe he should loose the eye patch. Still not totally sure on that one. Oh well. I like having the comparison of old pieces with the newer ones I’m going to post soon.

Click for larger view.

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Tags: art, one man till june, wisterium projects

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