Winter Icons

Constantly sleep-deprived
A home for all of the icons, tutorials and so on which I (wint3rhart) make, but don't necessarily use personally. Take, use and share!

This layout was initially written by flyingwild at freelayouts, here. I played with it a bit afterwards.

~~ Rules ~~

1) Comment, please. I like comments ^_^

2) Credit, please:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

3) No hotlinking! If you hotlink I will hunt you down and take posession of your tripes using only a rusty spoon, special-ops-style. (The phrase "Oh, it's just this once, I'm sure she won't mind" is always wrong.)

4) If I say "Please don't use these" or something of that ilk in a post, please respect it - There's usually a very good reason. If I catch anyone using a disallowed icon it will summarily be removed and you will get quite the unfriendly email.
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If you see
wint3rhart posting around here anywhere and answering comments, don't worry, that's also me. Most of the time I just forget to re-log in as _winter_icons_ ...should have made this a community *sheepish look*

~~ Resources ~~
Any and all resources that I use, either for icons posted with this userid or with
wint3rhart, will be listed here.

Google Images ;-)
Secret-Obsession - Maaaaany movie screencaps
Can't Take the Sky from Me - Firefly/Serenity
Keanu.org - The Matrix
piterdevries, The Animatrix
littlekfru, Serenity deleted scenes
louisemcgregor, Batman - Holiday Knights
sothisisreality, Fantasia - Pastoral Symphony
desert_sky, Indiana Jones! Raiders, Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade
ish_icons, Chobits, eps 1-4
perletwo, Chanel No. 5 commercial
underwaterfairy, Labyrinth
chexee, Serenity, the entire movie
red_sunflower, Firefly, ep. 01a and Firefly, ep. 01b
fitz_schiz, Mirrormask

The ever-brilliant iikhushi86ii at khushi_icons

Brushes & Masks:
77words, who is brilliant and marvelous and all those good things...YAY. here
hanako_lovely, here
amethystia, here and here
aranelmanveri, here and here
arisubox, here
beat_of_art, here
bruisedrainbows, here
carbon_paper, here
domeofstars, here
donatello, here
ewanism, here
fadeto, here
oh_pants, here
ingridmatthews, here
inxsomniax at Hybrid-Genesis.net
my_givenchy, here and here
magnanomy, here
meleada, here, here, here and others
natangel, here
photoshopranger, here
roostersgrrl, here, here, here, here, here, here, here
scarsonchest, here, here, here and here
spikesbint, here
neke, here and here
__symphonicons, here, which comes with a neat tutorial
teh_indy, here and others
pixar_eve, here
tatteredhalo (th_designs), here
wake_up_naked, here
wash_when_dirty, here
These, although I can't find who they belong to anymore...if it's you, please let me know!

Textures and Gradients:
eowyn, here
arisubox, here and here
colortone, here
regen, here
daughterofsnape, here
discordandnight, here
domeofstars, here
elijahelectra, here
erniemay, here
fondillusions, here
firithel_icons, who is an angel for making beautiful gradients which are .pngs and therefore usable, here
forbiddenstorm, here
dearest, here
hermyonegranger, here
_iconographer, here, here, here, here and here
infinite_stars, here
jubilli, here and here
julia_ma, here
lostluck_icons, here, here, here and here
myrasis, here
harmonious, here
nardasarmy, here
nisey3518, here
427, here
purple_graphics, here
risha666, here
scarsonchest, here
sharpfragments, here, here and here
sheepfairy, here
soulspring, here
neke, here and here
tashabear, here
tatteredhalo (th_designs), here
victoraely, here and here
wash_when_dirty, here and here
wonderland__, here, here and here

Miss M, Blue Blood, Borderline and Splattered Nevermind, they're .abr format.

Everything under the sun: colorfilter, who is amazingly kind and wonderful and talented, and who makes things in .jpg format ^^, here, here, here, here and here. Also, there's a whole bunch of exclusive bases/brushes/textures/gradients/goodies which will show up quite often :)

crumblingwalls, here (pixel font reference), here (script font reference), and here (non-pixel, non-script font reference)
sheer_elegance, font reference guide
th_designs, font reference guide
Cooltext.com Fonts

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