August 27th, 2013


How to sort gmail by sender subject size etc...

Currently I try to clean my e-mail inbox, to archive old messages, move important letters to appropriate folders, and get rid from old automatic notifications from forums, blogs, shops...
Also "spam" folder easily can be inspected, when 80% subjects have prefix "enlarge", "med", "be ", "free", "cheap" and "rolex".

There is no way to group or sort messages in gmail web-interface. You can only search. I don't need to search any specific letter, I want to group them all by some properties, and delete these groups.

But this can be easily done by a local e-mail client:

1) Install Thunderbird - (or any other IMAP-capable email-client). It takes about 1 minute to download and install the client.

2) Setup your gmail account. Thunderbird wizard don't ask too many questions - password and e-mail only. Just be sure that IMAP checkbox is enabled (by default).

3) Sort by any parameter you want (click on column header to sort. Right click to add header)

Any archive/deletion/folder operation will be replicated on server, in your e-mail account.

Limitation: one second to load 1000 messages. 10 seconds to load 10'000 messages. One minute to load 60'000 messages. Still, my inbox is quite manageable, only thousands of messages, and I clean it quite fast. Preliminary cleaning for most "fat" senders can be done via web-interface search (It's better to handle them with automatic filters, anyway).