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You lookin' for a fight?

Cause if ya are, I'm your man!

This is a fictional journal used for rpg purposes only.

Character Profile 1:

Name: Willard Flanagan

Alias: Will or Willy.

Taken from: Own ideas inspired by April and Denis Leary.

Age: 37

Occupation: Pub owner, mob goon.

Sexuality: Straight.

Physcial Description: 6ft3, longish blond hair, blue eyes and weathered looking. Is usually clean shaven. Will’s teeth are crooked and he’s not an exceptionally handsome man when he smiles. Muscular, he’s use to hard work and is physically sturdy. Has an Irish accent.

Personality: Sarcastic and stubborn with a foul mouth, Will smokes too much, drinks too much and enjoys his vices throughly. Will is hard to get along with as he picks on people, especially strangers and likes to torment them though he’s not as bad when dealing with women though he gets his share of slaps from the fairer sex. He enjoys fighting and will start one just for the entertainment purposes. Surprisingly devout catholic however and does attend church regularly, even when he’s hung over.

Strengths: A mean right hook, Will is a scrapper and enjoys fighting with the best of them. Is handy with chains and metal pipes, using them against his opponants. Will speaks Gaelic and has a shrewd, sometimes uncanny, sense of intuition. Knows a lot about liquor as he owns his own pub. Also gets a lot of information through his customers as well.

Weaknesses: Women. Will’s got a weakness for women and can get sucker-ed in by a pretty face. Hates the protestants and can be ridiculously stubborn. He’s great in a hands on fight but his aim with a gun is horrible. Talks too much sometimes, in inappropriate situations. Can't stand any mention of his brother Paulie and will get violent if anyone brings him up.

Brief History: Born in Dublin, Ireland Will is the second son out of a family of three boys. His mother Eileen was a strict Catholic and matriarch of the family who raised her boys in her beliefs which is why Will still goes to church and still has a bit of a fear of his mother (or her memory as it were). When he was ten, his family moved to America and settled in New York City. They did everything they could to make money and provide for the family, father & sons stealing and involved with the Irish mob until they had enough money to open the family pub, Flanagan’s which soon became a hotspot for Irish immigrants and criminals alike.

When Will was 15 his father was stabbed and killed in a bar fight, leaving him & his mother to take over the pub as his oldest brother Stewart was in Prison at the time while the youngest, Paulie, was still in school. Taking over the family business has given Will some sense of responsibility which is no doubt why he isn’t in prison...yet. His mother passed away in her sleep from pneumonia when Will was in his twenties, leaving him to care for Paulie who was still in his teens. To keep Paulie from getting tied up in the mob like Stewart or himself, Will sent the boy away to school, finally managing to get him off into college but Paul resented being sent off and cut off ties to Will, a sore spot for Will that he doesn’t like to talk about.

With his family gone away, Will still runs the pub while also preforming duties for Eddie Collins and providing him any information Will may hear around his pubs. He also has an illegal gambling ring operating out of the back rooms of his pub.