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I wanna Be Bad, Make Bad Look So Good

I've got things on my mind I Never Thought I Would

22 January
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I'm Amanda Lee Williford, better known as Willa "I Wanna Be Bad" Ford. Yes, I'm the girl who was shaking her ass in the little black dominatrix outfit. If you don't know me for that video, then you probably know me for my extremely famous ex, Nick Carter. There's more to me than skimpy clothes and an ex boybander boyfriend. Get to know the real me. You might be suprised.

But it's time to forget all those things you thought you knew about me. It's time to get to know Miss Williford for who she really is.

"When I talk and when I sing, I’m speaking the truth. I tell it like it is straight up, that’s me. "-Me

// not really willa ford nor am i related to her or know her. it's all a game please read disclaimers bitches \\