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_will_i's Journal

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Flying Toe Shoes
I am the girl of your dreams
The vision in the water
The one out of your reach
The one that got away

Living in my world of old broken fairy tales,
I'm stronger than I look,
And weaker than I care to admit
I'm Little Black Riding Hood,
I got lost in the woods.
I am searching for the way back home,
Searching for that kind woodsman to show the way.

But the woods have claimed me, and I am now their mistress.
A spirit in the wind, whispering you the way to safety
I'm the beautiful tragedy who grew up too fast.
Learning that to be alive takes a lot more energy than thought
A mystery wrapped in an Enigma.
An Enigma trapped in riddles.
Making Ophelia look sane with my world trapped in fantasy.


This is strictly a journal for communities and for housing my writing.

For my actual journal, go to grown_fairytale

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