Flying Toe Shoes (_will_i) wrote,
Flying Toe Shoes

Vampire Diaries one shot

Title Untitled
Author: Flying Toe Shoes aka _will_i
Rating: PG
Category: General
Spoilers: Vague reference to 1x19 promo scenes
Warnings: None I can think of, let me know if I'm wrong
Show/Bookverse: Show
Summary: Stefan leaves Mystic Falls to 'protect' Elena, but what about Damon? Does he follow his brother for his personal amusement, or does something or one hold him there?

Elena Gilbert was not the type of girl to cry over a boy for longer than a day, two at most. Yes, she had done the stereotypical eating ice cream from the carton with Aunt Jenna and watched sappy romantic comedies while cursing Stefan’s name into oblivion for being a coward. 

He said he wanted to protect her and that was why he left, but to Elena, it was a weak excuse and Elena didn’t take such things well. So after the stereotypical girl antics, Elena grew angry. How dare Stefan make such a decision for her. She could handle the risks and dangers of loving a vampire, but Stefan didn’t care. 

Running her fingers through her brushed hair, Elena stared at her reflection, making sure that the hurt wasn’t in her eyes. Good, she looked in control. Grabbing her bag, the high school senior waited for Jeremy before leaving the house and headed to the school. 

The day went by in a blur of lessons and chattering girls, but Elena ignored them all. She was repeating her mantra of how she did not need Stefan and that she was fine without him. At the final bell, the dark haired teen stood up and made her way to her car, blinking as she noticed a familiar black clad figure leaning against her car.

“Are you here to tell me you’re leaving as well?” Wasn’t that what she wanted? Damon gone? After all, with Stefan gone, what was the point for the older Salvatore brother to be there?

“Now why would I do that?”

“Oh, I don’t know, because the source of your amusement has left and I figured you’d follow after him to continue to torment him.” But as she looked into Damon’s eyes, Elena felt something inside of her hope. It was stupid, but she didn’t want to lose Damon as well. They had an understanding and she knew he wasn’t as bad as his brother made him out to be. Even when he hurt her and had turned her mother into a vampire...

“All I want is right here.” Hearing the response, Elena felt her lips twitch into a slight smile as she moved to the driver’s side of her car.

“Whatever you say, Damon.” But admit it or not, Elena was relieved to hear Damon say he was staying. That she wasn’t going to lose him as well. Because to admit such a thing meant that Elena had a lot of re-evaluating to do and she just did not have the time with school and worrying about the vampires on the loose.

“Well I guess it’s a good thing that I do say that.” Blinking as the door was opened, Elena rolled her eyes and got into the car.

“Good bye, Damon.”

“I’ll be seeing you.” And with that, Damon walked off just as Jeremy showed up. Motioning her brother in, Elena started the car and for the first time in three days, she felt okay and was even smiling. All thanks to Damon Salvatore.
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