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Charged Fire-100quills prompt 28

Title: Charged Fire
Author: Flying Toe Shoes
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Fred/Alicia
Warnings: Sex
Disclaimer: I do not own these two characters, they belong to JKR (Although they might say differently)

It had started innocently enough, Fred and Alicia always used to wrestle back at Hogwarts. Fred would say something stupid and Alicia would pounce on him, causing the two to roll on the ground until someone, usually Oliver, came to break them up. But they weren’t in Hogwarts anymore, and there was no one there to break the two up when things got awkward. It was the most logical thing, really. Having ended up on top of Alicia, grinning as red hair fell in front of his face, Fred realized, not for the first time, how beautiful his best mate was. So the natural progression of course was to lean down and kiss her. There had been times at school when he thought of doing such things, but the Common Room really was not known for its privacy.

At first, Alicia was startled as she felt Fred’s lips upon her own, her mind blanking. What was she supposed to do?! She’d waited for this moment for years, and now that it was there, she froze. Logic told her to get a grasp of her bearings, her heart said otherwise. Usually in such situations, logic would win out, but with Fred’s hands on her hips and her heart pounding, Alicia knew there was only one thing that she should do. Logic thrown to the wind, the former Chaser found her arms wrapping around Fred’s shoulders as she returned the kiss, not even trying to grasp how it came about. All that she knew was that a dream of hers from years previous was finally coming true, and that it was better than expected.

Fire and passion was one way to describe it. As soon as Alicia had responded to him, Fred’s hand trailed down her side to her the smooth skin of her thigh, jolts of electricity flowing through both as the kissed deepened, tongues dancing with each other, Alicia’s other leg bending up so that Fred was closer to her body and rubbing his own teasingly. Senses were alight, sensations causing both to lose all rational thought and to rely strictly on instinct, hands exploring where they’d never gone before as the two reached a new level in their relationship.

How they got to Alicia’s bed was a mystery, and when discussing later, neither could recall. This was an inconsequential matter though, for in the end, what would the point be in knowing? Everything was a complete haze, Fred’s hands following the curve of Alicia’s sides as he lifted off her tank top, Alicia’s hands stumbling with the buttons of Fred’s shirt, pushing it off of him. Both of them could feel a burning need fill their beings as they went on, Alicia gasping as Fred started to kiss down her neck, head lolling back as her breathing hitched, ignoring as he started to work at getting her out of her shorts, merely relishing in his touch.

Fred had no idea what possessed him, for once he had rid the young witch before him of her shorts, he laid her down, one hand massaging her breast, the other teasing the folds beneath her knickers, spurned on by the small gasping noises she made. He was entranced by Alicia, her responses, and he was already hard, so when she started to work to rid him of his own pants, he gladly helped, pulling down his boxers as well as her knickers, once more kissing her lips as he entered her, both moaning into the kiss and finding a rhythm that matched who they were. Fast, passionate, proud. And while they had never done such a thing before, the two former Gryffindors found that they needed to guide, just knowing what the other needed and how to give it until both reached an orgasm, Fred collapsing onto Alicia, breathing in her scent.

Looking down at the girl that was now asleep against him, Fred could not say he was surprised. The two had been best mates back at Hogwarts, and besides George, Alicia seemed to get him. There was no romancing, no declarations of love. That wasn’t them. No, it took an innocent wrestling match for the two to progress from best mates to lovers, and looking back, Fred knew that he wouldn’t change it for the world.
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