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Bite my lip and close my eyes; [entries|friends|calendar]

I'm a picker, I'm a grinner, I'm a lover
and I'm asinner;
I play my music in the sun;
I'm a joker, I'm a smoker
I'm a midnight toker
I get my lovin' on the run ♥
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May 24,2006 ♥]
i remember when this used to be the cool thing to do
To see your smile again

April 24,2006 ♥]
so i got my belly button pierced
To see your smile again

March 13,2006 ♥]
My great Aunt died last night. I don't really know what I'm thinking about this. All I know is that I barely knew her and she's been in a coma most of my life.
To see your smile again

March 9,2006 ♥]
Hey Hill,
First off what the fuck happened? You got in a car accident? This is why I did not want you to drive. Now you got my ass worried about you. Did they hurt you? I'll fuck them up. Anyways, please write me don't hold back anything write me. I know it woul dbe easier said but I get like no time on the phone. Not until I graduate which is soon thank god. So don't be afraid to write me that is my best time of the day when mail comes in and I get to to read it. I read it a lot too. I read your letter about 50 times so give me more and if you need any advice just write me. I'll hold you down so don't front lol. That's cool you got a new hobby snowboarding. That's fun as hell just be careful. And yeah the perverts here did think you were hot so I kicked their horny little asses. lol. I might be back for your birthday and yes I know when it is so shut up. If I do airborne school then no I won't be home. It starts June 9th to the 24th then I would be home. If I don't do airborne school then I'll be home on June 1st and not for one week not 2 weeks but possibly 4 weeks. I'll be home till I leave. I'm glad you are doing good in school keep it up and stay clean for me please I don't want you with that shit no more please. I love you and I only want the best for you and you to make right decisions so be good. I love you with all my hear and I miss the hell out of you.
Love always,
(Big bro)
To see your smile again

letter from Paul [Sunday
March 5,2006 ♥]
Hey Hill,
What's up? I miss you guys so much you have no idea. I miss talking with you and having out heart to heart conversations and anything you needed you told me without hesitation. That is what I am here for, you are my little sister and I show everyone the pics of you from the party and they are like oooh who's that? and I say fuck off that's my little sister. Your hand writing is fine and please write me all the time. I need it to keep me from going insane. And I made a lof of rriends and of course we got punkasses who think they tough but you know me I shut them up lol. You let me know if anyone bothers you I'll take care of them when I get back. I hope you do good with your band and tell Heath I said hi and I got eyes on him even though I am not there. Ass this shit is crazy here, I am the fastest guy here and I repelled off a 40ft wall and I got gas chamber on Friday. We get yelled at a lot but I stay strong. I love you Hillary so much and I miss the hell out of you be safe and please stay out of troucle and you know what I mean
Love always,
your BIG Brother

I miss him so much
2 It seems worth the wait To see your smile again

Get the Led out [Wednesday
November 9,2005 ♥]
[ mood | cynical ]

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Friends Only. Comment Bitches.

14 It seems worth the wait To see your smile again

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