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Wow,I really haven't updated in a long time. I need to, but I am very boring, and therefore have nothing to say. It's very hot in our house. We have all the windows open, but its still hot. We got a new computer, it was like...600dollars or something. My dad has been trying to set it up for the past hour and a half. Pssssh, and he claims to be a computer engineer. He's yelling at everyone because he is frustrated.
I hope alot of people don't read this and criticize me on my grammar and such tomorrow *ahem*. I need to do something this weekend. I'm not sure what or who with. Oh s***, I just looked up at that clock thing above the top right corner of this text box and realized I missed Gilmore Girls. I hate asking people if they like someone for a certain friend. I had to ask Jordan Lada.....(I don't know how to spell that at all) and I got pockets to ask Sam (Smithson) for me the other day cause I didn't feel like doing it. BOTH said no. Love Kayla and all, but she needs to do it herself.I was really really happy most of the day. I tryed not to show it 'cause when I do people redundantly say I look like I'm high. I feel bad for hating some of the people that I hate. When I talk to them I realize they're not as bad as I thought. EXCEPT AARON!!!she doesn't count.I seriosly have vowed to be nice to BJ, cause I think he might shoot me when he starts a school shooting, and that would be bad.
I'm bored, and tired now so yah
I'm watching Jackson Rathbone on Beautiful Peole tonight, that makes me happy.
I'm going to the courtyard from now on, it is better there.
i did spell check, but got bored, f*** it.

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