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I'm sick and my head hurts...ouch...Pockets i will definitely have to murder you for this.
The bump on my head is not as swollen anymore.
If you don't know what i'm talking about then i will tell you.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower is an evil book.
Or maybe, Pockets, you are the only one evil. She hit me on the head with her book. It was numb at first, but then it hurt like a mofo.Not to mention the fact that I am sick.
Then I took her book went to the bathroom and she followed. I went into a stall and through the book over the door. The book then landed in the sink. The sink is an automatic one, as in it has a motion sensor. She through it back over. [insert angry words here] The book missed me. She tried to grab it from under the door. I kicked it across the floor. I came out of the stall. I left the bathroom. Pockets stayed. Pockets exited the bathroom. Pockets asked me what I did with the book [insert weird look on my face here]I showed her where the book was. She attempted to dry off the book.I walked quickly. I sat down.Pockets gave me a look like you will burn in hell for this. I moved to the table across from me. It was the popular table. I received many dirty looks. I sat there for the rest of lunch. and that is why my head hurts.
ok bye,

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