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i can use 4 instead of for now that shainas gone. ok not, gone just doesnt have me as her friend.

i really screwed things up this time, d in math ,which made my mother not happy. got locked out of my house dog had 2 pee,which made wiggles not happy.my parentalsthink im a a lier, kleptomaniac, bully, and druggie-none of them r true-,which made me not happy. shaina and ashley finally told me how much they hated me (therefore stopped lying),i'm elated.i have very bad social skills, i believe i am officially a partial loner.(i know, that phrase is redundent)
and i should beat myself 4 complaining like this.no u should
i had a major panic attack yesterday at like 2 a.m.
i dont know why.
im probubly a mental case...that would suck
im a little worried about [insert friends name here]
its kind of stupid, but in health we were talking about suicide signs and [insert friends name here] has all of them.
asked mrs.[insert annoying health teacher's name here] "what if they always do that kind of stuff?"
she said "then they probubly have been contemplating suicide for a long time"
thats so stupid ,some people just are like that, cause if they were suicidal for a long time then they probubly would already have killed themselves, never mind forget it that didnt make much since
then [insert peer name here] asked me "who were you describing?"
i said myself...obviously without much thought...cause im stupid , and it was a bit of a reflex ,i guess. therefore screwing myself.
now she's scared and thinks im suicidal
she watches me very closley during class time
i'm going to see harry potter and the goblet of fire tomorrow on a fieldtrip
i am going to be one of the first to see it except the people who saw it at midnight...and my other class mates
im excited
other than that im pretty much bored out of my mind
im also confused, nervous, and a bit scared
no reason, i just am, i have been all day
im sorry for the earlier grammer mistakes

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