July 8th, 2006



wow...so im amazingly bored at the moment.im working on editing my myspace.and dodging the dishes.pirates of the carabean dead mans chest is uber fantastico.missed all you other people there.me and kayla went and our hair smelled of strawberry sparkle pink temp hairdye from libby lu. we looked like mall gotth wannabe losers because of it but it was still fun. kayla flirted with a twenty year old guy with blonde hair who looked like kenneth gabbert...i laughed at her for it. i still have little halph mood marks in my hand from digging my nails into my hand during the movie.im going to michigan 2 weeks from today and i am very excited.i cannot wait at all.kayla is in trouble with her mom again i don't know why yet..but i think its baddddd. boarding school/first assembly bad. im scurred i would never live without her next year...i am already frightened as it is. i lost my schedule...i don't know what to do, ive looked everywhere. so im screwed. i really need to update on this more often. im so glad imm not in texas anymore...i also need a new icon. im bored of the ductape/conor one...hmmmm...what else do i have to say today...idk.i will post pictures from my texas trip soon. it wasn't that bad i guess...i really need to be more positive. i will also post alot of other random pictures and shit.im actually starting to miss school alot. idk just all the classes i had with all my friends...i miss it. and my friends who moved=,[[[. i wish i could go back...but then if i could go back id probubly want it to be over when i was back. well ill stop now cause i want to watch gilmore girls season 3 dvds. im on the jess episodes right now.i also have to babysit and od the dishes=[[[. no fun but i must


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