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_whiteroses4me_'s Journal

3 August 1985
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Alana, Lana to some. leo. 28 y/o. floridan. proud aunt. animal lover. prep chef. taken. enjoys photography. textoloic. beaches. proud mommy to 7y/o cat named Gizmo. (miss you, gizmo). loves baking. football & nascar. sweetest gal you'll ever meet. love my crazy family. enjoys writing random stuff. doodling. taking photos of random things. have friends in Pa and NY and misses them dearly. tries to look at things positive. enjoys watching movies with family on a lazy day in sweats. part irish and native american. loves chinese. enjoys watching friends dvds. MUSIC(!!!) mostly hiphip & country. can't get enough of them. dancing. candles. .


Dale Earnhardt Jr. Carrie Underwood. Backstreet boys. Andy Roddick. The Patriots. Kasey Kahne. Matt Cassel(even if he got traded to the Chiefs, i'll follow him to the end!)

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