I ain't first class..but I ain't white trash..

...I'm wild & a lil crazy too

3 September
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This is the diary of a teenage girl. yes,I'm a hormone filled-boy crazed-giggly teenage girl. I'm not quite sure one would call me "average" but many people describe me as...well,there's really no other way to describe me then just plain <b>me</b> I am who I am and I'm okay with it. If you don't like me then it's not my problem. I can get along with just about <u>anybody</u> but once you lost my trust you'll never get it back.

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dark blonde hair. green eyes. glasses. braces
5 foot 3 inches tall. shy. quiet. unordinary. loves life. hates life. has mixed emotions. <u>very</u> paranoid. loves to laugh. cries alot. very emotional. loves to have fun. doesnt know where she belongs. has no self-esteem. is positive. is negitive. confused about life.

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as of now & forever..my journal will be <i>friends only</i> but add me & I'll add you back ASAP!..I love making LJ friends & commenting and getting to know my friends on here better. their like my best friends,I go to my journal for comfort and support & advice. if you don't like what I write, then simply take me off your friends list & don't read my journal..theres no need to be rude, I'm a very nice person and easy to get along with and I love commenting =)

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