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Journal of Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
25 February
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  • _wes_pryce_@livejournal.com
  • ::Jabs::
This is a character journal for my bigger games:

My One on One games can be found in: watcher_pryce

A list of Games where My Wes is Active can be found in my tracking journal fg_rpg

I'm open for most ships in pretty much any games. If you want to approach me for a new game/new ship? Mail me at the.gang[at]chello.nl. :-)


You can find Awards I've won and the Claims I've made HERE

The banner in my LJ was made by october_fay. Wesley Moodtheme made by zyre

All rights to the character belong to Joss Wheadon, WB, Mutant Enemy and Fox. Wesley is played by theferretgirl