Wesley Wyndam-Pryce (_wes_pryce_) wrote,
Wesley Wyndam-Pryce

From Twitter 08-28-2010

  • 01:48:04: @Buffy_Summers_ Hello, sweetheart. How are you feeling today? Did the doctors tell you when you can go home?
  • 02:54:08: @Buffy_Summers_ No ripping of medication, you hear? *Stern* With your Slayer healing you should be feeling much better by now.*looks around*
  • 03:30:29: @drucillaishere ..... you shouldn't be drinking at all.
  • 03:49:52: *Is apparently not missed at all* -Off-line on on this account. DM if needed-
  • 05:49:07: Watcher Bedtime! Ask me anything at http://formspring.me/WesPryceBtF ! Don't forget to mention the account!
  • 13:57:10: (WatcherPryce) Are you and Buffy breaking up? — Not that I'm aware off. http://4ms.me/cP9q9T
  • 13:57:21: (WatcherPryce) She doesn't even miss you? — *Frowns* What do you mean? http://4ms.me/buCxR7
  • 13:57:42: (WatcherPryce) Buffy has Angel now she don't need you … — Ah... I see a troll has founds its way back. Time to s… http://4ms.me/dzZOwk
  • 19:11:15: *Is puttering about in the lodge, feels lonely and decided to go for a walk. Stuff phone on pocket, starts down for the lake*
  • 20:52:26: *Tosses pebbles in lake. Wonders if he should jump after them, it does look very inviting on a hot summer day... too bad he can't swim*
  • 22:25:03: *Strolls further along the lake. Huddles into jacket when the breeze picks up. Realises that summer is over and fall is around the corner*
  • 23:06:15: *Sighs, pushes hands deeper in pocket, keeps walking along the lake*
  • 23:43:56: *Glances at watch. Wonders if he should do some shopping. Then wonders why he'd bother at all*

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