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_wendybird_'s Journal

18 August 1974
adam carolla, america's next top model, american idol, apples to apples, banacek, banana republic, bang, bangkok, battleships, beauty and the geek, berkeley, bernese mountain dogs, big brother, blue bayou, board games, boot camp, chevys, chowhound, chrononauts, clue, comics curmudgeon, crosswords, cryptic crosswords, disneyland, doctors without borders, dog parks, dogs, elephants, emma, fametracker, family ties, felicity, fluxx, fort ross, freaks and geeks, games magazine, garlic bread, geography, golden retrievers, google cafes, gotham bar & grill, gourmet express, guillotine, indian lunch buffets, juneau, juno, kathy griffin, ko samui, labrador retrievers, last comic standing, like water for chocolate, loveline, making lists, maps, mark, mary's pizza shack, melrose place, murder by death, my so-called life, natalie wood, neil patrick harris, new york city, oakland, park chow, patrick swayze, patxi's, peter gallagher, peter scolari, picking at loose skin, pie in the sky, play on wordz, point isabel, pride and prejudice, project runway, puzzle hunts, recipes, restaurants, running, russian history, san diego, san francisco, scott valentine, scrabble, seinfeld, settlers of catan, spca, speederia pizzeria, survivor, television without pity, temptation island, the adam carolla show, the amazing race, the brady bunch, the dukes of hazzard, the house, the job, the joe schmo show, the mole, the office, the soup, ticket to ride, tim gunn, tony danza, top chef, treasure hunts, trivia, turmeric, tv theme songs, undeclared, vik's, walnut creek, weddings, what not to wear, wolfgang puck express cafe, yelp, zachary's pizza, zeni