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25 Random Things (*So* Last Month) [Feb. 22nd, 2009|11:27 pm]

Since I went to the trouble to post it on Facebook, I thought I'd post it here...

When I told Mark I was making this list he immediately asked, “Are you going to make it all about TV?” I thought that would be pretty awesome but decided against it.  Mostly...

1) My Halloween costumes have included:

-A cannibal – made even more un-P.C. with dark face make-up (2nd grade)

-A rabbit pulling a magician out of a hat (4th grade)

-A Keystone Cop - I was obsessed with the Atari game of the same name at the time (5th grade – what 5th grader now would ever pick a police officer from silent movies?)

-Daphne from Scooby Doo – Mark was Fred; this was a few months before we started going out (1996)

-Princess Leia, with actual cinnamon buns strapped to my head (1997)

-Richard Simmons (2008)

2) Like Frank Constanza of Seinfeld, I used to collect the Fall Preview Issues of TV Guide (and I used to read the 1987-1989 ones over and over again).

3) When I was 12, I had the fastest clocked throw for the day for girls under 15 at the Padres stadium. I used to bring my glove and foam hand to Padre games and I went to the 1984 Playoffs and World Series. I even kept score with the official notation for some reason (yes, I was a dork).

4) When I was 9, I aspired to one day be a baseball statistician. I remember waking up on Sundays and not being able to fall back asleep because I was so excited to see the new Major League Baseball stats that were printed every Sunday in the newspaper. I was a total tomboy until I hit puberty.

5) In the seventh grade I tried out for the gross-out kids’ game show, Double Dare.

6) I worked at a Polish travel agency for a week and a half in college until I was fired because I couldn’t speak Polish.

7) My most famous relative (not counting Pope John Paul II who is thought to be a distant cousin) is the outlaw John Westley Hardin.  You may know him from the old commercial for Time Life books which claims that he killed forty men, one for snoring too loud.

8) My grandfather grew up playing baseball with Ted Williams (in fact he’s mentioned in a several of his biographies) and my parents now have Ted's minor league glove.

9) When I was 8, I was totally enamored with lists of world capitals and highest points by country, and I'd stare at the atlas in my spare time. In the seventh grade I could name the capital of every country in the world (I’m pretty rusty now but it’s still fun when people test me). I ended up being a geography major (although sadly I learned that what you study isn’t “name the world capital”) and took classes in cartography, and now I make maps for a living.

10) After feeling like an outcast in grade school because I was “smart,” when I started junior high I remember wanting to hide that I was good in school from other kids. Thankfully that didn’t last too long. I find this really sad because I read about teenage girls doing this and my instinct now is, “Why would anyone do that?”


11) When I was about 8, I got obsessed with names and would check out baby name books from the library. Had I been a few years older, people might have thought I was pregnant.

12) I’m pretty certain my brother has Asperger's syndrome, a mild form of autism.  But then again, Mark claims that I think everyone has Asperger's, so maybe my diagnosis isn't very reliable.

13) About 11 years ago my friends and I became obsessed with Chevys Restaurants (I'm not as into Chevys any more) and I created a website (www.shrinetochevys.com). I’ve been to 66 locations nationwide. When I was bored in college I would study the California locations, and I used to be able to name all of them by memory in 33 seconds.

14) I like to enter contests when I think there won’t be a lot of other entrants. Some of the more interesting prizes I’ve won include:

-200,000 frequent flyer miles
-A computer (this wasn't exactly a contest but I was chosen from a pool of applicants)
-An iPod shuffle
-A dinner prepared in my home by one of TV’s Iron Chefs (bitch reneged and I never got it)
-Five faux alligator skin USB thumb drives

Some of the more random contests I've won include:
-Crazy sock contest (sponsored by Wells Fargo)
-Sandcastle building contest
-Frequent flyer miles for the person with the wackiest itinerary to use them

15) At show and tell in kindergarten I brought in my Cinderella record and storybook. My teacher asked my favorite part and I said the part where Cinderella gets locked in her room.

16) When I was little I once planted a rock to see if it would grow. 

17) Some random things I’m obsessed with:

-The Brady Bunch episodes
-TV theme songs (and identifying them in as few notes as possible
-Old Scooby Doo episodes
-Family Ties episodes (I even have this framed in my living room: http://www.brandonbird.com/ties.html)
-Russian history
-San Francisco history
-Craptastic reality TV shows

18) I love lists and memorizing lists of things. This includes Oscar winning movies, actors, and actresses by year and U.S. presidents in chronological order.

19) I’m obsessed with restaurants and have written 1,225 reviews on Yelp, mostly for restaurants.

In the Bay Area I’ve been to:

56 Thai restaurants
16 Persian restaurants
11 Ethiopian restaurants
7 Turkish restaurants
7 Afghan restaurants
23 Indian lunch buffets

20) When I was 3, I cracked my head open with a swinging toy. Instead of getting stitches, the doctor tied my hair together to sew up the wound.

21) I still have an Atari 2600 and 80 games.

22) The Crown Prince of Norway lived on my dorm floor in grad school. My old website had a section on Crown Prince o’ Norway worship, and People Magazine contacted me for an article on him. I could only tell them about our scintillating conversations in the hallway where he’d say, “Hi,” and I’d say (wait for it... wait for it...), “Hi.”

23) I’m obsessed with Adam Carolla. When he was on the “Loveline” radio show I recorded nearly every episode from 1999-2005. From those I made nearly 170 “best of” tapes (yes, tapes).

24) I didn’t get my driver’s license until I was 25. Thankfully I lived in the Bay Area after high school where there is great public transportation.

25) My friends are obsessed with my quirky family, specifically my dad, and one of them dressed as my father ("Mr. Kathy") for Halloween. He also made me a stuffed Mr. Kathy.

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RAISINS?!? [Feb. 16th, 2009|01:39 am]
This story and the accompanying audio clips about what happens when you give the same little boy raisins for Christmas at ages 3, 4, and 5 made me laugh out loud. It's better than I can describe it. Trust me.

Start here:

And then go to here:
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Pssst! Can I Interest You in a Holiday Letter?... [Dec. 27th, 2008|07:39 pm]
Yeah, Mark (pan2) already posted this, but if you're interested in seeing our holiday letter go the link below:

Letter may include:
  • OId yearbook photos
  • Kathy licking a gum wall
  • Mark in a speedo
  • Kathy's 1991 Homecoming dress
  • Hall of 11 Marks - all of them angry
  • Cardboard Matt Lauer
  • A reference to a particularly bad (and overlooked) movie from 1989
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Star Wars Valentines [Oct. 2nd, 2008|05:27 pm]
I've only ever submitted one thing to the List of the Day website and it's the Star Wars Valentines links that my friend Lila sent me several months ago. Today the valentines were posted and I got a shout-out. Yay!

However, I have to say that the valentines seemed funnier when I saw them three months ago. I also enjoyed the first comment to the List of the Day post which puts down the entry.
Today's List of the Day
More Star Wars Valentines (much more here than on List of the Day)
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To Get You in the Mood for Tonight's Vice Presidential Debate... [Oct. 2nd, 2008|04:28 pm]
In case you haven't already seen it, Sarah Palin being asked what periodicals she reads by Katie Couric
(I definitely recommend watching) If the story of Sarah Palin being chosen as a running mate was a cute (non-animated) Disney movie...
Palin Bingo for your VP Debate Party (tempting to try...)
I really don't think these are all *that* partisan except the first one and that really happened.

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MAPS! [Sep. 15th, 2008|12:59 pm]

I haven't written in awhile but to make up for it here are some cool maps.

Interactive zip code map of the continental US (cooler than it sounds):

Manhattan mapped by building height:

What if Manhattan decided to take a holiday to visit other maps?

One of my all time favorites, the pop vs. soda map:

Olympic medals map:
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The South Shall Snack Again [Jul. 7th, 2008|06:13 pm]
I know it's not  like me to post twice in the same day, but the map "United States of Obesity" from the Strange Maps blog is pretty darn interesting:

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Yeah, So I Was on TV Last Week… [Jul. 7th, 2008|12:06 am]
I was interviewed on the local CBS show “Eye on the Bay” (sort of like “PM Magazine” if you’re a San Diegan) last Wednesday. It was for a feature on restaurant reviews on Yelp (where I have amassed a total of 1075 reviews since 2005). Basically Yelp contacted three Yelpers in different parts of the Bay to each pick one of their favorite “cheap eats” and film a segment for “Eye on the Bay” and they chose me.

My cheap eat was Gourmet Express, a Palestinian restaurant in the oddest location in Milpitas where a minor street dead-ends at an office park. I love their food – in fact, Mark is often sad that he can’t go there for lunch since they’re only open at lunch on weekdays but then I remind him that he gets all the free food that he wants at Google. Plus, the owner is the sweetest person ever (and she was thrilled about the show) and I thought they could use the business since they’re usually empty when I visit.

I was pretty nervous about the whole thing, but as soon as the guys from CBS arrived they made me feel at ease. The British host of the show, Liam, seemed genuinely interested in my restaurant obsession and talked to me about it before and after the cameras were rolling. Then again, he was even nice to the crazy lady who worked there (not the owner) who – totally unsolicited - told us how she gave up her daughter for adoption and then they reunited on “The Sally Jesse Raphael Show”. By the time the camera was on I was pretty comfortable talking– a little too comfortable since I actually scratched my nose on camera.

They taped Liam talking to me for about three minutes and only reshot about 15 seconds at the end because Liam jumped up as though to run out the door to visit his next Yelper. As it turns out, he needed to finish the interview at the table. I was surprised to find out that the segment on Gourmet Express was going to be three minutes long since that’s how long the interview lasted! The producer assured me that it would also include Liam entering the restaurant, Liam high-fiving the owner, and “food porn” (the close-ups of the food), but it still seems like that will be an awful lot of unedited footage from our interview. (For those of you familiar with “The Adam Carolla Show” or “Loveline” I’m afraid this will turn into an episode of Huell Howser’s “California’s Gold” with awkward conversation that are desperately in need of editing.)

Some of the events from the interview that will hopefully make the cutting room floor:
• The aforementioned nose scratch
• When asked how often I eat out, I said something like “I used to eat out every night but I stay home weeknights now that I’m old and feeble.” (While saying “old and feeble” I was wishing my mouth would stop.)
• I made sure not to look at the camera during the interview but Liam would sometimes mug for the camera and when that happened I didn’t know where to look. Expect me to look like a deer in headlights at those times.
• Liam asked me to identify the food in front of us and because I only ever eat one entrée there (the chicken shawarma) I had a little trouble. “This is the roast… (long silence as I try to remember if it’s lamb or beef) beef”
• We took a bite of food together at the beginning of the interview and then I kept eating and picking up food throughout. It occurs to me later that Liam didn’t. So hopefully you won’t see me struggling to pick up food with my pita or (worst of all) chewing with my mouth open

In case you’re wondering when this sure to be awkward TV classic will air, it will be mid to late July.

See? It’s a real show:

Gourmet Express:

My Flickr page with more unexciting but exclusive BEHIND THE SCENES pictures:
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New Roommate Hopes Five-Hour Fuckfest Didn't Keep You Up [May. 21st, 2008|03:54 pm]
Funniest Onion article I've seen in awhile:

New Roommate Hopes Five-Hour Fuckfest Didn't Keep You Up

(I couldn't figure out how to do that thing where The Onion gives you some html code to stick in LiveJournal so it will include a picture without logging into Facebook or another non-LJ site.) 
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More Honeymoon: Kyoto [Mar. 14th, 2008|11:41 am]

K y o t o


The next day we took a bullet train to Kyoto. Our stop near Hakone was not an express train stop so we saw express trains going full throttle through the station. They went so fast we could never even capture them on video in time! But once on the train it actually didn’t feel like we were going that fast.


In Kyoto we visited a house that once belonged to the shogun. The wooden floors were made in a complex way so that they would squeak should anyone walk across them - that way no one could sneak up and attack the shogun. Of course as soon as our tour group moved to another room, Mark and I walked as quietly as we could in our socks across the floor. I think we could have assassinated the shogun if needed.


The end.

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