What Is "I'm Going to Be on Jeopardy!"?

I think everyone already knows this but... I will be one of the contestants on Jeopardy! airing tomorrow night, Thursday, October 21st.

See my "Hometown Howdy" video on the Jeopardy website:

I went to my Jeopardy! tryout super preggers - my belly actually blocked the projected questions on the screen. You can read about my experience on the show and trying out for Jeopardy (and cute pictures of my twins if you click around) on my blog at:

6 New Posts on My Blog: The Latest Belly Photos & I Have a Zombie Gynecologist!

Eating for 3

Back by popular demand - the latest belly photos!

I can leave the hospital? And I'm not actually 4 cm dilated?

-What do Wilford Brimley and I have in common?
-Why is Kenny Loggins (KLog?)) in my blog (KBlog?)?
-Lots more belly pics with friends who just gave birth
-Guessing someone's baby name by playing Ling

-See my zombie gynecologist!
-Mark is 7 months pregnant?!
-Mark's British butler, Wheatsworth
-Therapy dogs!


No Swayze? No Wayze!

My friends and I have been busy changing our Gmail status messages since finding out about the death of Patrick Swayze yesterday afternoon. Perhaps you'd like to see a smattering of the best.

Dead Dawn
Donnie Darkorpse
Dirty Napping
Alert his Next of Kin
"I thought you'd be deader"
"I carried a the grave"
Nobody puts Baby in a coroner
I feel his breath in my face, dead body close to me
To Worm Food, thanks for everything, Julie Newmar
Point Break of no return
Road Hearse
 "Pancreas don't hurt"