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You know that Voight-Kampff test of yours ... did you ever take that test yourself?

It's funny the difference a word makes.

"Can't" is one of the least favorite words in my vocabulary.

When I told someone the other night that I couldn't make an origami unicorn like the one Gaff leaves behind him in Blade Runner...it didn't feel right.

I'd failed. Several times. I'd stared at the instructions for a good half hour. There was this one bit I just couldn't get past. But..

What if it wasn't that I couldn't make one, and just that I hadn't yet? Interesting idea.

Origami unicorn -

Origami unicorn -

After practicing a couple of times, I can now make them from memory.

This little experiment has taught me a useful distinction: "Can't" is often a judgment. "Haven't" is simply an observation.