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Monday, October 24th, 2005

Five day Retrocast:

Thursday:       Caught up with an old John Abbott buddy over warm chai and grilled cheese 
                Was reminded of how awesome it is to make new friends!  Thanks to 
                cloquewerk & messiahdivine for delicious food, great company  and  
                Also, Titus Andronicus made a daring move into my top 5 fav. Movies.

Friday:	        Made decent headway on the costume (vest/holsters/etc.) and cleaned the 
                disaster area that was my room.  FEMA was called, but by the time they came, I was 

Saturday:       Ventured into the wilds of TMR to spend a nice, cozy night with a sweet new guy  
                and re-discovered how much I love/hate having butterflies in my stomach 
                for days. *breathy sigh* ‘Nuff said.

Sunday:         Dropped in on my parents for the afternoon.  Swiped a nice pumpkin ripe for the 
                carving. And brainstormed about film ideas.

Monday:	        Things are good at work.  Enza brought in rice crispy squares.  Yum.  Looking forward 
                to the Dresden Dolls on Wed. and Halloween festivities on Sat.

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