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Monday, August 6th, 2007

Oil caan...oooil can..!

Arbraska was..amazing.

I can't really lift anything with my arms right now (hope you guys are doing better ;), but that's okay. 'Good trade.'

There were certainly moments yesterday where I felt pretty stupid - "I paid for this? More importantly, I'm really going to do this??" But then you leap, or jump, or swing or..flail and all worries are forgotten. Ish.

It was a really great test for me. I like to calculate. Predict...Worry, in other words. This was perhaps the purest instance of matter over mind I've ever had. The point wasn't to talk or think my way through the tough bits, but to move through them. I channeled my inner Indian Jones.

Next on my sporty to do list:

-rock climbing
-whatever rubythirtythree and I saw those people doing in the sky...Was it this?
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