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I just finished this series, and am going through a period of mourning I'm sure other fantasy buffs know well. Sigh, I'll miss them all...at least it was a good ride.

In other news, my nerves are all a jangle 'cause I leave tomorrow on my great pilgrimage.

June 26th
11:45 Via 1 train to TO -> House on McGill

June 27
Meet up with cymbal_rush -> 8:30am Amtrak train 10-something greyhound to Buffalo -> 2:00pm Greyhound to Columbus -> Columbus Renaissance

June 28th
(Comfest?)-> Pre-show drinks (Tip Top Kitchen?)-> 8:00pm at the Ohio Theatre -> Resume normal breathing -> Columbus, Holiday Inn Express

June 29th
1-something greyhound to Toronto -> Not sure :)

The last part of the trip trails off into the unknowable, but I'll make it back somehow, sometime on Monday...Hee

Tom bless you, every one.

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I am so happy right now.

I...I could scream. I almost did, but I doubt my co-workers would dig the news as much as I do:

I'm going to see Tom Waits this summer!!!

Yes, in Columbus Ohio, but live and in the flesh!

Sooooo. Yes. 'Giddy' barely captures it.


*is reborn*

*dies again*
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Just so no one thinks I'm lying when I say I have whack-loads of work to do...

This is the latest peice in my long list of assignments. I loved doing it because, well, I love the man in it. What a muse...

Tom Waits
Clayboard etching
February 19, 2007


Should be posting more as they get completed.

Now if I can only get somebody to pay me for having all this fun... ;p