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News you need:
Went out last night with a new friend, Mike. Drinking and nosh at McLean's followed by drinking and music at Barfly. Chased with more drinking and some squeaky cheesed poutine at Katacombs after closing.
A swell night. Mike's a class act, and the show was incredible.

Looking for home-grown pirate ballads? Check out The Unsettlers. They pack as much woeful passion into their sets as the Decemberists and just about as many instruments (maybe more, as I counted an accordion, clarinet, guitar, xylophone, and trashcan lid cymbal!). And Brandes' gruff voice evokes a young Tom Waits. *dreamy sigh* Old concert vid below, but last night they were better.

The band that followed, Golden Hands Before God was also very talented, but not quite what we were in the mood for. Still, these dudes from Windsor delivered an incredibly tight, exuberant performance. I have never seen more intense tambourine playing.

I now desperately want to learn some kind of antique, country instrument, Like a concertina or a dulcimer..

News you might need:
Coreys, noooooooooo!

News you don't need, but're gonna get anyway:
Several of my dreams came true when I discovered that Portia Di Rossi is totally gay.