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Blazing Saddles: Bart

I don’t consider myself a car person.

I like cars, but not nearly as much as I like motorcycles. Cars are cool because they’re functional. Motorcycles are cool because they’re cool...and sexy..and, well you get the idea. But recently I’ve been having a change of heart. With nothing much to do the other day, I went fantasy shopping on CL. Now I’m kinda wishing I hadn’t as I now can’t stop thinking about some of these:

1974 Original California Car - $12500

1968 barracuda formula s 340 mopar classic

1949 (!!) Merc Custom Coupe

I just about peed myself when I saw this last one. If ever it were justifiable to spend 50,000 dollars on a machine, my friends, this is it.

Oh, and in honor of car #2 and the great freewheeling surf-spirit of California: 5, 6, 7, 8’s – The Barracuda