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Extra! Extra! War is Hell. Trump Having a “Great Time.”

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Who’dda thunk I’d ever disagree with less than 50% of what comes out of Donald Trump’s mouth? His numbers are curious waaaay bonky (millions of deaths? millions? right…), but the sentiment is spot on.

It may not be breaking news, but it’s always fun to see celebrities of varying degrees of articulateness and awareness weigh in on political matters.

Trump: Bush is the Worst President in the History of the United States.
buck-tick: taboo

You know what he left ‘em with? Malaria.

There’s this rule, right? Parents Shouldn’t Be Internet Savvy. In your mind you’ve got an image of your mum or dad encountering a computer and smacking at it with bones, 2001-style. It’s a fun image. Comforting. So imagine my shock when, this past weekend, my mother tipped me off to this little video. On YOUTUBE!

A Few Words in Defense of Our Country:

I don’t like it as much as Political Science, but chuckled nonetheless. (Doesn’t he look like weird Al??)

Here’s the mp3, just for kicks (and instrumentation!): Political Science