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Wednesday, February 14th, 2007


So I got my eyebrow pierced this weekend! Took a jaunt down (over/up?) to Kingston to visit some friends and had it done there. The place was called Buddha's Belly and the man with the needle was called Ben. He was, in my limited experience, everything you'd want your piercer to be: knowledgeable, relaxed, upfront, conscientious and funny. Yup. It was a good experience.

I wasn't expecting much pain and there wasn't much. The sensation was interesting, though; like pushing a knitting needle through a piece of felt..

Oddly, I haven't given an overwhelming amount of thought to the whys of this body-mod. (Under-thinking things is wildly out of character for me!) It's just something I've wanted to do. So I did it and it feels pretty great.
(Though the first day was unpleasant, heh. pipecleanering the thing back and forth under water while going, "Ow-ow-ow-oooo!").

No other piercings in the forceable future, the next thing on my list is a te moko-style tattoo, which will take a considerable amount of time to design.


The rest of the weekend was great - thanks again to cloquewerk for doin' all the driving! - drinking, lounging, games, assorted mayhem, you know, the usual.
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