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I was going to write a bitter post entitled, "Things I hate about living with ***," but I decided I don't feel that negative today, so I'll submit a summary of "Things I loved about this past week."

Started off with a great second New Year's with dawnrosemaryx at Andrew's. Playing all the old doowop we could find on the jukebox and being more successfully creative than I have been in months.
An awesome trip to Eva B followed MUCH later the next day.

Watch out! I am heavily into the 50's right now...

I then went home from Mon. to Wed. and was reminded of how much (and why) I love my parents.

Actual conversation:

Me: There's this movie I borrowed from Jessie, I think I might watch. It's by Sam Raimi.
Dad: I saw a movie once, I think it was by Raimi, about a man who had a normal life and job, but then suddenly wakes up in the past...
Me: Was it Army of Darkness?
Dad: ...and has to battle monsters.
Me: That sounds like Army of Darkness.
Dad: I think it might have been called Army of Darkness.
Me: (hesitantly) And did you like it?
Dad: Yes! I was surprised; I liked it a lot.

We then proceeded to watch Bruce Campbell kick dead-ite ass. I love my dad. This experience was second only to our Battlestar Galactica marathons.

We also watched, The Wrong Guy with Dave Foley and half the rest of Canada (and which I highly recommend).

Then mum and I spent the following day wandering around St. Annes, shopping and drinking tea. Many humorous, revealing stories were exchanged. She once dated the brother of The Pointer Sisters!! (In fact she was with him the night she met my dad...)

Happy moments used to evoke unbearable saddness in me. Someow this doesn't happen anymore and I'm just enjoying things as they are..

Even this beer that's almost too warm to drink...


I's a new beginning if you want it to be

This entry has been modified. It has been edited for content (and formatted to fit your screen!)

No resolutions. Extrapolate what you can.

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To all of you reading this, I wish you many sons and fatted calves ^_^ *heh* Happy New year! Bonne Année! 明けましておめでとうございます!

(And thank you, Thank You, Thank You! to M&M for last night's shindig!)


All right. Who's been writing my phone number on bathroom stalls?

Saturday evening saw me just beginning to wrap the gifts I'd brought while nervously counting down the time until I had to leave for midnight mass (now conveniently held at 10:00pm).

The phone rings. My cell phone, that is. Aww, I think, who's sweet enough to call me on X-mas eve?

"Hello?" A man's voice asks over a din in the background which could be a busy street or some packed establishment.

"Yes, hello."

"Hello, Is this the escort service?"

A moment of surprise. "No, I think you have the wrong number." I don't know why I sai 'I think'; I knew he had it wrong.

"It's the wrong number?"


"Okay bye."

A couple of seconds pass and then I'm bent double on the floor laughing. For a moment during our conversation, I thought of pretending to offer the services he seemed interested in. "Yes I'll do that, but it'll cost you extra." But, I decided against it. He has my number after all.

To those of you out there who think your holidays sucked, I'm not going to tell you they didn't, but apparently it could've been worse. At least you weren't alone like that poor, sad bastard.

Just so you know, my festivus was awesome; the parents are well; much to my shock, I'm not several pounds heavier; and santa was kind (well, after I threatened to sic Chuck Norris on his ass...)
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Bitch-lady (or 'Martine', if you don't hate her as I do) was just complaining in the hallway of our building to a friend about two "annoying neighbors" on account of whom she will be moving out.

I have every reason to believe she was referring to Pam and I (or to one of us at least).

Suffice it to say we have not, in fact, been bad neighbors. We tried to accommodate her and failed. The problem is hers.

Good riddance.

In an act I can only describe as pure childishness, I am now playing Ich Bin Ein Auslander. At volume level 22. With the speakers on the floor.
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You’ll put your eye out!

So my weekend was nice. Accomplished a lot, but did very little ;)
I went home on Sunday to spend Thanksgiving with my parents. Some wank at the Globe and Mail made up a chart comparing Canadian and American versions of the holiday. As best I could tell, Canadians are family-oriented intellectuals of both modesty and restraint, while those American bastards are fat, loud and stupid…yeah, that …sounds right… Why do I read that garbage? Better yet, why are all our national newspapers exercises in snarky ‘one-upmanship’?

Ah, whatever, we had a great time. Mom accommodated my picky vegetarian-ness by cooking up a faux chicken and stuffing casserole, (mmmmm!) sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie. AND I didn’t gorge myself this year (y’know, being Canadian and all…)

I also started the great costume hunt. To my “shock and awe” they don’t sell kiddy firearms at stores like Zellers - some nonsense about not promoting gun use. Pffft.- but I found a couple 'a fly pieces at a dollar store (where, have you noticed, nothing actually costs a dollar anymore?) The packaging on the largest one assured parents that it “Fires Harmless Shots!” but then goes on to boast that is does so with “Unlimited Fire Action!” …wah??

I spent a good half hour acquainting myself with said UFA, and conclude that “Harmless Shots” is a pretty relative term. Still, I felt like Ralphie from A Christmas Story.

Along with the hick-like target practice, I completed the stereotype by watching waaay more TV than my brain can handle. Including The Lost Boys, the Battlestar Galactica movie, a Farscape movie, The Dead Zone as well as forcing my dad to watch the original Buffy flick…(Kill him a lot!). I blame it on not having cable at my place.

Amidst all the uselessness, however, I arrived at a decision: I will apply for film next year. Details still to follow.

I currently feel better than I have in a long while.

That is all.

Caution: This entry may contain traces of sarcasm or other nuts.
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Strategies for Coping.

If my face were a computer screen, it would say ‘pending,’ or ‘processing’…something like that. I can’t quite seem to get a grip on things that have been going on lately.

I’m have the suspicious feeling that somewhere, out there, my life is going on without me…does that make sense? Meh, who knows...

Among the sources of chaosity:

-Almost losing my job on Wed.
-Saving my job on Wed. afternoon.
-Doubts about my future plans (do I want to do this illustration thing, or do I want to veer off into film?--more details to follow)

Oddly, I’m not the least bit upset by these issues, just ‘processing’…

By way of a weekend update, Saturday was great! Got sufficiently Firefly-ified by watching some of the best episodes with iopha, belfana, kolvin, sc0rpius and dawnrosemaryx (who came over early to help acquire food and large blobs of foam--thanks!!). messiahdivine and cloquewerk, were there in spirit ...No, seriously…they were little wispy, smoky things floating about the room…it was creepy.

I’m glad we didn’t cloister ourselves in front of a screen all day; it was too beautiful to forgive such a waste if we had…and that bilboquet ice cream was gooooood! Plus, we found a nifty little shop that sells all things outdated and electronic. I once again carry hope that my 1970’s turntable can be rebuilt.

Later in the evening we got a ‘friendly’ (read: passive-aggressive) request from the crazy downstairs to “try and walk a little more softly”…

Lady, just thank your blessed stars I have a “no boots” policy. Sigh. She doesn’t know how bad she could have it. I ran into her again doing laundry the next day and blatantly told her I don’t really give a care. It was a Saturday night. Deal with it. Her rat-dog slobbered on my pants and I vowed silently to wear shoes indoors for the next week or so.

The passive-aggressive wars are so on!

Sunday I got a late start due to too-late night TV watching ("45 minutes of CSI; oh yeah!"), but managed to make it home to my parents place to go on a father-daughter date to see Serenity *pauses and makes a pained face* I...*sigh* Still no words. Later we'll have to discuss.

I’m off to the Corpse Bride tonight as I could do with a little cheery creepiness.

I have also decided to make an epic to-do list. I need focus.
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