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if I were queen of the cylons...

if anyone is looking for a chuchai alternative, may I suggest yuan, on the south east corner of sherbrooke and st. denis? they boast a fantastic selection of faux-meat, taiwanese style. they also provide copious amounts of green ceylon tea made, it seems, from pure crack cocaine. between two of us I think something in the neighborhood of seven or so pots were consumed and lying in bed later that night, I could swear I was high…gooooood stuff *shivers*

hmm, also, my previous image posting problems were due not to a deficiency in lj, but my own incompetence. yay! so I’ll upload them properly today.

anyone following the portfolio saga (and really, aren’t you all?...) will be happy to know that, again, due to my less than stellar ability to be on top of the facts, I have a month more to tweak it as the submission date is in april, not march.

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today in my head:
random reflection- recently I’ve realized what a horrible story teller I am; I suspect that when recounting a prior incident it seems like I’m making most of it up on the spot. but I’m not! i just can’t remember details to save my life. how someone said something, or what something felt like I have no trouble recalling, but what, exactly, the fuck happened? not a chance. i’ts irritating because during school i basically had a photographic memory but now, unless i'm studying, facts just pour through my mind as if it were a…whats-it-called...sieve? yeah, that's it. this thought isn’t actually heading anywhere, but just fyi…