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Dilemalama #tooooooooo

Anybody planning to check out Osheaga this year?

A two day pass is 120 dollars....which is steep.

Normally I wouldn't even consider it, 'cept Gogol Bordello is playing on Monday...And I would so dearly love to see them. And Broken Social Scene too...

And day one? Devotchka!!


Oh, and also some band called "Iggy Pop and the Stooges" Or something like that.


It would suck to wallow in excessive awesomeness alone...




The only #s I know off hand are: mine + my parents' heh. Oh, and 91..ummmmmmmmm..1...or was it 912..? So if you plan on calling me over the next few days...pleeeeeez leave your digits in a message.