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Tuesday, June 5th, 2007

Been thinking about doing this for a while..

OST Ndays

When you're a kid, some if not all of the gown-ups around you told you "you can be anything you want when you grow up." This is a lie, of course, but you only find that out much later. In that blissful state before Knowledge hit me in the face, I wanted to be lots of things. Most of them involved fire and dinosaurs. One was to be a "Song Picker" and select movie soundtrack music...Truth to tell, I still do. But I doubt it'll happen, and more importantly, the movies I want to work on tend not to exist. So. Original Sound Track Ndays are born. I pick a project, most likely imaginary, we all put on our Make-Believe hats (you know, the one you almost threw away when you moved out, but hung on to anyway?) and off we go!

Thought I'd start with my dream project. Neuromancer.

I would kill to see it done well. Neuromancer is a visceral, sensuous read and it would be awesome to see the ideas and nihilistic themes mapped over the consciousness of our current day. There's a project in the works for 2009. But you need a director who would refuse to put style before content and could get to the core of what makes this exploration of the human/technology interface brilliant and relevant. So.. I'm not super optimistic..

For those of you who haven’t read the book, but intend to..skip the last quote. (otherwise, I am in ur LJs spoilin’ ur surprise. ;)

Neuromancer OST: 2007

Prolly won't mock up a cover for all of them, but I did this time..

Track 1: TheNoLifeKing – Ambiguity
The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel.
TheNoLifeKing would handle the instrumental score...

Track 2: Thom Yorke – Iluvya
Cyberspace, as the deck presented it, had no particular relationship with the deck’s physical whereabouts. When Case jacked in, he opened his eyes to the familiar configuration of the Eastern Seaboard FissionAuthority’s Aztec pyramid of data.
Most of Yorke's stuff is too romantic for this album, but I thought this just sounded like data.

Track 3: Miss Kitten – Dub About Me
“It’s okay,” she said, “I can see.” Sound of the jeans peeling down. She struggled beside him until she could kick them away. She threw a leg across him and he touched her face. Unexpected hardness of the implanted lenses. “Don’t,” she said, “fingerprints.”

Track 4: Tujiko Noriko - Narita Made
Friday night on Ninsei.
He passed yakitori stands and massage parlors, a franchised coffee shop called Beautiful Girl, the electronic thunder of an arcade. He stepped out of the way to let a dark-suited sarariman by…

In the 1920's the future looked like a shiny silver hovercraft. In the 80's, I guess it looked like Japan.

Track 5: TheNoLifeKing – Daemon
Something, perhaps a hand, a thing like a reddish clump of gnarled roots, fumbled toward the camera, blurred, and vanished. Subliminally rapid images of contamination: graphics of the building’s water supply system, gloved hands manipulating laboratory glassware, something tumbling down into darkness, a pale splash…

Track 6: Dry and Heavy - Dub the Bong Around
“Came a voice, out of the babel of tongues, speaking to us. It played us a mighty dub.”
Finding these guys was a real coup. And they're Japanese. Go figure.

Track 7: Front Line Assembly – Plasticity
Case’s virus had bored a window through the library’s command ice. He punched himself through and found an infinite blue space ranged with color-coded spheres strung on a tight grid of pale blue neon.

Track 8: Skinny Puppy – haze
Armitage had booked them into a place called the Intercontinental, a sloping glass-fronted cliff face that slid down into cold mist and the sound of rapids…French teenagers ride simple hang gliders a few meters above the spray, triangles of nylon in bright primary colors.
Almost anything off the new Skinny Puppy would do, but I wheedled it down to two.

Track 9: Android Lust – Dragonfly
Riviera leaned forward, picked up the hand, and began to stroke it gently. The fingers moved. Riviera raised the hand to his mouth and began to lick the tips of the fingers. The nails were coated with a burgundy lacquer.
I'd call this "Molly's theme..."

Track 10: Skinny Puppy – politiKiL
Headlong motion through walls of emerald green, milky jade, the sensation of speed beyond anything he’d known before in cyberspace…..The Tessier-Ashpool ice shattered, peeling away from the Chinese program’s thrust, a worrying impression of solid fluidity, as though the shards of a broken mirror bent and elongated as they fell.

 Track 11: Lisa Gerrard - Space Weaver
And one October bight, punching himself past the scarlet tiers of the Eastern Seabord Fission Authority, he saw three figures, tiny, impossible, who stood at the very edge of one of the vast steps of data...Somewhere, very close, the laugh that wasn’t laughter.
He never saw Molly again.
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