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So I took a “personal day” today. Skipped both my classes. That cold I fought off last week? Little bastard ambushed me in the night. Rrrr. I can’t afford to be sick this weekend, I just can’t.

Odly, I woke up at 7:41 in the morning (clock’s in the other room so maybe it was actually 7:40). I haven’t been up this early sans-alarm in..months. It was kinda nice. Chopped some strawberries and bananas into my peach yogurt and sat down with CBC radio 2 while I read a short story about murderous alien ants. Bah..mornings aren’t so scary.

Then I smacked my head (almost literally) against my desk for a good two hours trying to settle on an inking strategy for my latest assignment.

I’m ridiculously behind at school and trying not to think about it.




I can’t afford to be sick this weekend..